"ignore the story. see the soul. remember to love. you will never regret it" --- Seane Corn

"ignore the story. see the soul. remember to love. you will never regret it" --- Seane Corn
it's a jungle out there

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Cleaning house

If it doesn't serve you... let it go

Periodically, I throw things out. Lots of things. Hefty bags full of crap. I used to find myself moved to do it in August, right before the boys' birthdays, and before Christmas, when I knew there'd be a whole boatload of new shit coming into my home.  Throwing stuff out always feels so liberating.

Lately, I chuck stuff when I'm restless, or aggravated. Or when I've said for the 17th time...you guys, clean up the playroom, or it's all going in the garbage... basura. Pokemon cards, Star Wars characters, pieces of board games that never get played, a thousand broken crayons, puzzle pieces. All this useless stuff. I look at it all and wonder where did it come from? I didn't buy it. I didn't ask for it.  At least I don't think I did. I hate shopping. For me, buying plastic crap for my kids is akin to buying apples from New Zealand or scallions from Israel.  It's just not necessary. Not only will it destroy our planet, it will warp their sense of what we need to be happy or at least content. We can grow our own apples and scallions right here at home thank you very much.

The excess garbage is just... garbage. And when it's put out on the curb, I can see the ground on which I stand more clearly. Less dust collects to burn my nose and eyes. And a weight is lifted. I can move through my day without tripping over things I really don't need anyhow. I can lighten my load.

I'm learning how to evaluate what's important, what works and what doesn't. Ideas and habits that don't serve me...basura. Some things I may put up in the attic, in case they come back in style. Or perhaps to be recycled into something with a better purpose. But for now, I'll just continue moving through with my Hefty bag and clean house.


  1. I had to look up "basura". Great word.
    I know those Hefty bag days. I just had one with my closets, my drawers. My daughter went home with some nice clothes that look beautiful on her, and the dump received some basura. My room feels so much more peaceful.

  2. oh, you know me and throwing things out. !no problema!

    but dare i ask what to do when that garbage is not your own?

  3. Yes! (Your post just reminded me to set something out for somebody picking it through Freecycle, which I *love*.)

    My mother collects junk, filling nearly every room in a house from floor to ceiling with junk. I understand she lost everything in a house fire when she was a child and has never recovered, but I have no patience. I also have fear that I've inherited this disorder, but I'm to the other extreme. One reason I move so often is to rid myself of stuff. And it's always fun to visit friends in places I've left behind and visit my stuff as well. My couch, my blender, etc. etc. But I let it go and it's no longer mine.

    It's so liberating, eh? My favorite time every semester is right after each exam, I put the textbook up for sale on Amazon and recycle all the papers. I feel lighter and more jubilant immediately.

  4. I threw out bags and bags of toys when the kids were at school.
    It has been months, and no one has noticed.
    Clearly, they were not needed.

    But tell me, how it is, that our rooms are still full of crap?????? I hate STUFF.

  5. Adrienne- When I used to throw things of my kids' away, they generally did not notice. But if they did and asked where they were, I would respond, "I have no idea."
    Because really- that stuff could have been ANYWHERE in that landfill. It's a big place

  6. the landfills ARE big...

    i free my children and myself of their stuff all the time; i really meant that the worst culprit when it comes to junk is the tall person who lives with me...oooo he's bad. and he DOES notice when things disappear...

  7. I am not a hoarder by any means, but I do have a lot of stuff. While I do not part with it with the same abandon that you do, I do let it go now and then, because I know it's "just stuff." Right this minute, my car is filled with it.

    There are only a handful of blogs in my reader that I go to simply because of their richness in tone and the way I feel when reading there. Yours has become one of those for me. Thanks.

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