"ignore the story. see the soul. remember to love. you will never regret it" --- Seane Corn

"ignore the story. see the soul. remember to love. you will never regret it" --- Seane Corn
it's a jungle out there

Sunday, August 5, 2012

...and then there was one...

I'm alone.

No really.


It's not a bad thing. Theoretically it's awesome.

I just wonder how long I can stand the awesomeness.


Mia's off with Yogini Shannon and Co. to the Outer Banks for the week. Jordana's in Minnesota visiting in-laws. Calgon Jon is leaving for Indiana. Jack and Ty are off with friends.

It's just me and the animals and James Taylor Pandora here in the Sanctuary.

I've thought of everything from 3 days of silent meditation and fasting to getting every partially completed project completed weeding cleaning waxing floors hanging curtains painting walls replacing doorknobs rewiring kitchen light switch

hmmm... what to do?


I just ate half the leftovers in the refrigerator. I'm on my 4th diet pepsi caffeine free. Dr Google said I could safely drink up to 21 cans of aspartame sweetened soda per day without concern of ill health effects.

In the Age of the Internet, one can justify absolutely anything.

It's better than 21oz of tequila a day. For sure.


We're having a flash flood warning. Thunderstorms for the next 12 hours. All the windows and doors are open and there's a lovely breeze tsunami blowing through the house. 
Cool and refreshing.

I've been sweating all day. Now everything else is drenched too. Does all the rainwater on the floor in front of all the windows count as mopping the floor? 

I think it does.


My words ramble and my thoughts ramble and my brain rambles. 

There is some seriously Unbloggable Shit going down and it sure is taking its toll. All will be well though. I truly believe that.

But it's making me a tad rambly.


Regardless, I intend this to be a restorative week.

We shall see


  1. such awesomeness is hard to get used to. i know this more keenly lately.

    i vote you sit in the breeze blowing through the house and watch bad TV. i bet it's the unbloggable stuff that's making the awesomeness harder. i send love. hang in there. the noise and welcome distracting chaos will be back soon.

  2. I think you should just hang out and do absolutely nada. Maybe go get a massage or a Korean scrub -- do they have those where you live? Scrub off the dead skin and feel all shiny smooth for a bit. That's what I did when my boys went to the east coast recently. I felt restored -- at the very least it's a superficial fix. As for the unbloggable, I've often fantasized about a blog community where we can air out all that shit.

  3. I am with Elizabeth especially on the unbloggable things- maybe we should try that. Have a tiny little community-within-a-community where we could really, well, you know.
    Really talk about things we don't.
    I hope that you find some peace in the next few days.

  4. I saw your new post and just smiled. It is so nice to have you back in the little blog world. It's good to have some alone time, right? The kids will be back and chaos will resume before you know it. I had a strangely awesome day today too, and wondered, if left alone for too long, what would I do? I'm reading post-apocalyptic books and zombie novels at a frightening rate this year, and I wonder what that's about. I sat at the piano for the first time in months and months and marveled at the dust on the keys and in my brain. I cleaned the kitchen and I felt like I needed to be doing something important, but only cleaning and organizing came to mind and that seemed kind of sad.

    I'm trying not to worry about your unbloggables, letting my mind ramble to all the possibilities. I trust your all will be well words and hope you're able to tell it to someone somewhere to lighten the load. It's hard finding the right place or people to tell everything to. I write draft posts I never publish when all else fails. For what it's worth, if you ever need someone to whine to, or ramble at, you have my email. xo

  5. Well you know how I feel about sharing the unbloggable. Have at it, my friend...

    I had the other half here all last week and it nearly drove me crazy. I love the man, but I needed my time alone. Now my child is thinking up a little three day trip and I'm giddy with excitement. So looking forward to the empty house. We can both have a week of going nothing.

    Miss you tons.

  6. i think you should listen to the crickets. i am right at this moment and it is lovely. family is essential, but we all need a break.

  7. Sending good juju. I can't imagine what could be unbloggable but I just trust you and your sweet heart to do what you need to do.

  8. Well, more than you're half-way through it, and I hope it's been good. It's really great to "see" you again, Michelle. I've always loved your spirit and sense of humor. Good luck!

  9. I will have to tell my dad that it is safe to drink 21 cans of soda with aspartame. He will take that factoid and run with it!

    Since I am new here I wondering if you are going to post again soon!

  10. Why, oh why freaking why, do I not make time to settle in with my favorite writers (other people call them "bloggers" but I know the truth)? Why do I not re-ground myself, remind myself, re-find myself through the magical incantations and prosaic biographical sketches of Wisdom? My reasons are selfish and self-indulgent. Suffice it to say that I'm grateful I did it today. Really, really glad. xoxo

  11. i've always known you to be a fighter; what happened to the other 17 cans of diet soda???

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