"ignore the story. see the soul. remember to love. you will never regret it" --- Seane Corn

"ignore the story. see the soul. remember to love. you will never regret it" --- Seane Corn
it's a jungle out there

Friday, September 11, 2009

Friday Fragments & Freewrites

What's wrong with this picture?

Took my kids for their physicals last month. Today, got a bill from the doctors' office, outlining "patient responsibility" $15.86 per kid. Total of $47.58. Not bad for three physicals except:
**this is the first year 100% of annual physicals have not been covered so much for preventive care
**I pay over $600/mo through my employer for this insurance what's another $47.58?
**I wonder what the response will be when I bring this to the attention of billing and human resources 

Bright side: I have 3 healthy kids

Not to say that I should be exempt from co-pays and deductibles just because I have been the nurse practitioner at this office for 12 years. Not to say that I deserve special treatment because I see 60 kids a day for physicals, baby check ups and sick visits. Not to say that I work my ass off, and in 12 years have never been "called in" to a meeting regarding the medical decisions I make, or the care I give my patients, or to address parental complaints. But the problem is our staff nurses, medical assistants and support staff cannot afford the health insurance offered by our practice. Most of them are single moms. And they work their asses off too. And needless to say, they don't make what I make. Most of them have managed Medicaid for their kids, and have minimal or no coverage for themselves. And they work in the largest pediatric office in our county. What's up with that?? 

Bright side: Obama???

9/11 We all remember where we were. We will always remember where we were. We remember what we saw. What we heard. Who was there.What was said. And we we sounds like a lot of people are still involved in a bullshit war(s) started by folks who used that terrible day as an excuse to further certain agendas.

Bright side: ????

Good time for a mood stabilizer

I've been reduced so to speak to buying my bras at the little girls' department at Target. I've always been small, and smaller still after never ending pregnancies and breast feeding. poor little boobies. I last purchased bras when said boobies were full and plump relatively and Mia was 6 months old. She's in second grade now. pathetic. So my friend J said "you're like me, you need a bra made for little girls". What??? So don't you know, little girl bras are padded with underwires. In like a 30AA. Why does a little girl need padding and underwires when her nipples still look like her 5yr old brother's? Maybe for the same reason sweet stuff or delicious is scripted across the pink fleece covering her prepubescent butt. Right Kori? We live in a sick and twisted world

Bright side: 36AA padded bras, no underwire, for $5.99.

The sky blue pill seems to be working. I'm actually able to laugh spontaneously, my teeth don't ache from clenching, and I made it through my PMS days rising to the surface rather than sinking to the depths.  I've also noticed that even though I haven't been to yoga all summer, I'm not achey. Hmmm... I guess there's something to the fibromyalgia/SSRI thing after all. Last week I was having some weird out of body, zoo-y feelings during the day, but that seems to be resolved by taking the pill at bedtime. Oh happy day! Now, if only it worked to eliminate unwanted facial hair.

Bright side: Neet

Fuck the climb. Fuck what's waiting on the other side. My knees hurt. I'm outta breath. What's wrong with coasting? How 'bout a little plateau once in a while. Or maybe even bonketty bonking down the bumpy hill on my butt. I guess if you're sixteen and perky there haven't been enough uphill battles to wear you out. But at 45? I'm ready for early retirement.

Bright side: buns o' steel

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Have a great weekend


  1. Three healthy kids is a blessing!

    It's it hard to see any bright side of 9/11. I do believe, though, that due to 9/11 many began to love stronger, harder, and more.

    Happy FF!

  2. Hey- at least your titties will never get in the way when you tuck in your shirt.
    To be serious, I just can't even think about resistance to health care change any more. As I asked before WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE? and now I ask, why were they born without compassion?
    I also want to say that I'm glad your little blue pill is helping. I'm so very glad. And I wish you could sit on my porch and tell me about it. I promise you would laugh at my chickens. I know you would.
    And neither of us would be wearing bras.

  3. I love your positive outlook. :)

    Must be nice to only spend $5.99! I don't know that I'll ever get that luxury.

  4. My dad had great insurance when we were growing up and now it's changed so much my parent's skip some of their dentists appts. because they pay more with only two kids on their insurance than when there were five.

    We have Chips because both neither my ex husband nor Jeremiah's jobs offer insurance for their children. I'm a freelance editor...

    People look at us differently for getting medical assistance, but I don't get it. We make more than some families do...and they're paying $100s for their insurance. I've never had a problem with the children's insurance and I received medical assistance through my pregnancies and although two of them were high risk I had excellent care.

    Whatever yo.

    I guess the grass is always greener, I just went bra shopping for the first time since I was pregnant with Elijah(I just weaned him cold turkey three days ago) and I bought a 36 D...which is probably too small for right now, but once I start to deflate will be perfect. I hate my boobs sometimes, but on the plus side they make my waist look thin.

  5. The doctor told me last week about a study indicating that there may be some correlation between bra use and certain breast cancers. I asked him if he told me that for a reason since my DD's can never be loosed.

  6. I wasn't going to comment on your post today, but I turned the computer off...I just couldn't stay away.
    Many members of my family (including my husband) & even more close friends have served, and are still serving our country in this so-called "(^#%@" war. They are proud. They know their purpose. And hey saw firsthand the lives they changed. I am honored to be an American because of them. Please don't separate the troops from the cause. The main-stream media rarely, if ever, shows you a "bright side"

  7. That about your health insurance really PISSES ME OFF!! I *finally* finished a medical debacle - thousands of dollars they were trying to charge me A YEAR LATER - should have been covered by insurance but everybody effed up. 14 months later, finally resolved (I hope). If I had less time/skills, I might have had to declare bankruptcy over this. And that pisses me off.

    BJ Mama - heartfelt thanks to your husband and family members. My heart goes out to families whose lives have been so negatively affected by the war - brain injuries, amputations, PTSD, death - and then often their health care is sorely lacking when they return.

  8. What is UP with the health insurance? I'll be curious to see if it's a 'clerical error' or something else. The last time Princess Nagger had shots on her annual visit, we ended up getting charged co-pays for each shot - we'd been 100% covered prior to that on her annuals, even with shots. I would think that since you work AT that office you'd be covered 100%!

    Buying bras for $5.99? I would LOVE to be able to do that. Unfortunately I'm stuck with expensive bras and back aches. ;)

    Glad the little blue pill is helping... ;)

    Happy FF! :)

  9. Why even wear a bra when you're that small? I think I'd just "be free!!!" :)


  10. I understand what you're saying with insurance. We pay just under $1000 a month for the family and it covers just about nothing.

    So girl's section, Target huh? I'm on it.

  11. Great post -- it was so original!

  12. The insurance thing just pisses me off. It's like the cobblers kid's going barefoot.

  13. That IS a good side (not having to pay a lot for bras). However, I would happily give you two cup sizes....

    $600?! Wow. That does suck. I agree that everyone should have an equal opportunity for decent healthcare at a reasonable cost. Unfortunately, though, I don't have a lot of confidence in our govt. being able to set that up without f--king it up. Hopefully, it will be worked out soon, because it certainly isn't working as it is now.

    I just love Ms.Moon...

  14. Holy cow, I would love to pay $5.99 to cover my 38Gs!! :D

    Glad your pill is working. I'm with you on that, can't live without mine either! ;)

    As for the health care issue, I just thank God right now that my husband is in the Navy and we hardly have to pay for anything medically-related. If we did... I don't know. It would be so hard, I know that.

  15. I don't recall your tiny breasts...I honestly only remember your big beautiful smile..funny, that, huh?

  16. Don't get me started on insurance and the situation of health care in this country... and I can sooo relate the whole bra situation! Hand no idea you could buy them in girls! Logging off and going to Target right now.

  17. How can you write such brilliant thoughts at 6am??!! I'm wildly guessing that it's the only chance you get. Can't wait to read what you've got in your brain when you have a few days to yourself! Step aside Kingsolver. I just finished an amazing book of excerpts by women travel writers from the past 100 years. Some strong, interesting ladies out there.

    Coffee soon,

    Anouk xxxxxx

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