"ignore the story. see the soul. remember to love. you will never regret it" --- Seane Corn

"ignore the story. see the soul. remember to love. you will never regret it" --- Seane Corn
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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I'm a hater

I hate St. Patrick's Day

there. i said it.

despite the common moniker

I hate it

I hate hearing the chick on the radio saying "it's a beautiful day. hope you're all out drinking your green beer by now..."

at 11:21 am

I hate green beer

I hate watching drunk people wearing big green hats stumbling down Main Street at noon

I hate Pub Crawls

I hate every year debating with Bruce as to whether it's safer for him to drive home or take the train

you'd think it would be safer to take the train ignore the vomit in the aisles

except for the insanely drunken insanely stupid people who have been drinking green beer since 11:21 am and are beating the shit out of each other on said train home


there are only 2 good things about St. Patrick's Day

1) the day after

2) corned beef and cabbage

I made it and they ate it.

then I burned some incense

cooked cabbage stinks

The Universe is Abundant


  1. I'm a hater, too. That's all. Dumbest holiday ever -- except for the corned beef and cabbage. I do love the Irish, though, -- especially the poetry.

  2. I made the corned beef and cabbage and the soda bread too. They were delicious. Otherwise- WTF???!!!

  3. Your meal looks divine. Wish I could have come on over for a plateful of the deliciousness.

  4. As American Irish as my mother was (my son's name is McCaffrey, for heaven's sake) this has always struck me as one of those fake holidays where card companies sell things and everyone pretends to be something they're not. So I made the enchiladas.

    But boy, I would have loved corned beef and cabbage with you or Ms. Moon....
    love, love.

  5. So in agreement EXCEPT ... here in NOLA, it's great. There are parades for everybody, and they throw cabbages and potatoes and carrots, which people go home and cook. Really. Kids love these things, and while there's drinking it's not the focus. The fun of Irish heritage (especially in the Irish Channel - settled by Irish people) is the focus - and enjoying parades at friends' houses and feasting with them.

    But elsewhere? Ugh. I listened to radio stations today in Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, and Mississippi - and it was all that obnoxious "get shitfaced" BS and I just wanted to tell them to grow the hell up. Yuck. Pinching and puking from overdrinking? No thanks. Stocking up my refrigerator with free-to-me cabbage? Yes, please.

  6. Next time when cooking cabbage add some milk to the water, and see what happens. And to me this is nothing more than another Hallmark holiday. Green beer is moron food, you can quote me. And tell Bruce to take the train for crying out loud, playing drunken roulette with the green beer drinking morons it is not wise, not at all.

  7. You'll probably need to burn incense for another day or so, after all that cabbage.

  8. The SCENT of the Universe is abundant, at least when cabbage is cooked.

  9. Jeremiah and I are both grandchildren of recent Irish immigrants...but neither of us drink and I don't eat meat.

    So we had soda bread and cabbage soup instead. Then me and the kids danced around the room to Flogging Molly. It's a new kind of St. Patrick's Day.

  10. My kid is in Catholic preschool (close to the gym) and I got the skinny on St. Patrick. He was captured by pirates.

    I can get behind pirates. The rest of the holiday is one big whatever.

    Green beer, without a doubt, is an abomination.

  11. watch this...


    all holy days have been riped from the people to whom they belong.

  12. i'm a bunch irish and i hate st. patrick's day. i look like shit in green and haven't eaten beef in 21 years. oh, and cabbage smells like ass.

  13. looks delicious. fun post.
    i'm with you for sure.


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