"ignore the story. see the soul. remember to love. you will never regret it" --- Seane Corn

"ignore the story. see the soul. remember to love. you will never regret it" --- Seane Corn
it's a jungle out there

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

while I was away...

I haven't been to blogland lately. I've barely been able to read, let alone comment or write.
I've had a very busy week. I've been working a lot, and preparing for tomorrow.

You know when you look at your home with an objective eye?
Like the eye of your
mother in law
ex-spouse's new mate
dinner guests

You look with that objective eye and say to yourself
holy shit
this place is gross
I gotta do something about it

so you start cleaning in a frenzy
rearranging furniture
throwing shit out

that's what I've been doing

you find some interesting things when you clean house and move furniture that hasn't moved in three years

this was under the armoire
that we moved from our room
to Mia's
no wonder I've had a post nasal drip
for the past 6 months

Hey, Ms. Moon
I found this buried under magazines
we used it as a votive holder
or dust collector
I know crazy

old picts of young sisters
we still look the same

Ty was so happy that I finally agreed
to part with the dusty fake trees
I have had fake trees
which I don't need anymore
now that I have my
beautiful olive tree

I placed the fake trees in my front yard
so I can look out my windows
and see green
instead of grey and dirty white
I'm crazy like that

The place looks so much better already. Which is good cause tomorrow's the big day.
Not the mother in law
or the boss
or any ex's anything
no dinner guests

the most awesome cleaning lady is coming
I couldn't let her see my super disgusting house
that would be embarrassing
what would she think of me?
So she'll see a house that's only a little bit disgusting

And tomorrow
after drinking a cup of coffee from my scrubbed out coffee machine and peeing in my sanitized toilet
I'll sit in my awesomely clean living room
and look out my sparkling windows at the green trees in my front yard

I'm a lucky girl


  1. You totally crack me up-but I get you. And, um, my house looks like underneath the couch all the time. I think, anyway, I have been too afraid to look for the last few months. Thankfully I don't have a cleaning lady coming so I don't have to clean it. :)

  2. This is so funny, and I totally get it. When I have a cleaning lady, I run around before hand and tidy things up. And then I can't even sit around while she's there because I feel so goofy.

    I hope you'll post some photos of that sparkly house!

  3. So funny! And exactly what I would do. Love your plate, but love the sisters more. Nothing better than sisters.

  4. I just love you, Michelle. And that plate is more proof that you and Adrienne and I are indeed related.
    Enjoy your clean house.

  5. This is so funny! I have a compulsion to move furniture around every 6 months or so... I also tend to move every 2 years. I just get antsy. Glad the house is looking good for the cleaning lady (lol!) and you have some greenery to look out on!

  6. Michelle, you crack me up! I clean before cleaning people come too, so they don't see how horrid my house is! I love the floral plate, love the sister pic, love that you put your fake trees outside to give you a glimpse of green! Hope your sparkly clean house makes you very happy.

  7. You are so cute. I cleaned for my cleaning lady, too. We are so alike.

    Ty is adorable. And I love the colors on the outside of your house. Fabulous!

    The photo of you and your sister when you were young is darling.

    I love you, Michelle. I really do. Enjoy your coming downtime from cleaning.


  8. I like the picture of your house so much, I posted it. I ripped you off, but I couldn't help myself.



  9. The life sherpa from the st louis post dispatch just did a small bit on cleaning the house before the cleaning lady comes....ha ha ha

  10. This post made me feel so cleansed and happy. I love the throwing out of the fake trees now that you have your real live olive tree. I love your Ms Moon twin plate. I love that you're getting a cleaning lady, Yay yay yay! You deserve it a million times over.

  11. I love- LOVE the fake tree in the yard of snow! Reorganizing makes me feel less itching and generally happier with the world. Congrats!

  12. A cleaning lady seems like a perfect response. Enjoy yourself. Love the trees in the snow. :-)

  13. Not much to say but damn lady I bow down to you. I need that number. I think it may be my happy birthday )that or a tattoo of an octopus on my arm.
    How does it feel to pee in a truly sanitary lint/hair/scunge fee bathroom? As wildy exotic as it sounds?
    ps- remind me to tell you about the info just got re: 3rd grade teachers....

  14. Michelle, I have a photo of my friend Lulu's house that so closely echoes your own paint job, you are clearly sisters of the heart. Should I email?
    Love, love.

  15. I wish I had an excuse not to clean next week, but it's Spring Break, and I have a HUGE, live plant to wipe the leaves of, among many other things...


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