"ignore the story. see the soul. remember to love. you will never regret it" --- Seane Corn

"ignore the story. see the soul. remember to love. you will never regret it" --- Seane Corn
it's a jungle out there

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Wassup! This is where I've been...

Not the loony bin
Not the south of France
Not even Disneyland

I've been drawing
It's been a long time, but a few weeks back I got the itch. To draw again.
And I kept imagining black and white
lots of detail


then J said seemingly out of the blue you should get a giant Ganesha tattooed on your back


that's a gwate idea

there you go

so I started drawing. I haven't drawn in I dunno, ten years maybe. but...

The creativity flowed right out of the sky through my fingers. you know how it is Sometimes it's like that when I write.
Over around through and right out the hands.

I think this was meant to be

Ty was inspired as well
We drew together one day last week. Pretty awesome.

Ty's drawing is beautiful. We're gonna get it printed on tee shirts.

My drawing is almost done. And it was oh so satisfying and I'm oh so excited to get some major body art.
The cool hip tattoo artists actually think I'm a wee bit cool myself.
Which is pretty amusing cause I'm just a batshit crazy lady old enough to be their mother

This is where I've been. It was a good place to be.


  1. That is going to be beautiful. Can't wait to see the progress on your body art.

  2. Awesome-ness.

    Jeremiah likes to draw. I got him some water color pencils and some figure drawing books for his birthday.

    Which I'm sure the kids will scoop up and steal from him within hours of him opening them.

  3. Oh, wow, that kicks my ass, really. though the idea of getting that tatooed anywhere on my body makes me cringe, I still think it is beautiful.

  4. I am so impressed. Ty and you are serious artists. You're gorgeous, a medical professional, a gardener, an artist, and a writer, AND a nurturer of many souls.

    That tat is going to be stunning.

  5. Totally jealous of your talent!! Drawing is something I absolutely cannot do. My husband is very gifted but very unpracticed. I'm hoping our kids take to drawing and art through his heritage.

  6. Holy cow that is some cool art, by both of you. Your talents run wide and deep.
    You are very brave about the tattoo. Owie!
    Glad you've been having fun. Daughter and I pulled out the how to draw dragons book, she's done some really amazing ones. Me, I like to look. Or color. But drawing is not in my skill set. So I'm incredibly impressed, thanks for sharing.

  7. Michelle! It's amazing!
    And you know what really freaks me out of my mind? Guess who also loves Asian art and goddess images? Our friend Lulumarie, whose house is painted GUESS WHAT colors??
    Love, love!

  8. WEIRD. SUPER WEIRD. was just thinking on SUNDAY about whether I wanted to get a Genesha or a big orange octopus tattoo on my arm for my birthday. Then Sun nite I saw something about how the octopus lays her eggs and strokes them constantly....the octopus tattoo won- but we could have shared yet another random similarity. Where are you going for your tat? Last one I got was NYC- can't decide on a place up here. Oh btw- how amazing was that literature?

  9. PS- why don't you have the images printed on Tank tops and we can sell them at the studio- or talk to me about it and I can try to get a wholesale t discount pre-printing. Hmmmm- would also make a kick ass yoga pant.

  10. oh creating is so good for the soul.

    and by the way, you are a total bad ass.

  11. I usually try to be more eloquent than this, but...


    That is incredible. I am eager to follow the progress of your bady art.

    Oh, and you're totally as cool as those hipster tattoo artists. :D

  12. *body. body art. I can spell. Just... so you know.

  13. Awesome! I would totally buy that design.

  14. Uh...seriously? You haven't drawn in ten years and that's what you draw and that well? Good Lord, lady. That's amazing. And I missed you.

  15. Get the tat and post pics. I LOVE that you and your boy drew together. I can't wait until my little wee-bot can do stuff like that with me- now it's all cheerios and snot.

  16. Love the art work. I told you that you are my Idol of Cool. I discovered your coolness first, damn it. The tattoo artists are slow. Laugh.

    Love you.

  17. I think I said Woooowwww about fourteen times. You are both so completely amazingly talented. I have problems drawing 'simple' things like trees and flowers and stick people. You and your son are both so talented. You're also a (doctor). Isn't a nurse practitioner like 3/4 of a doctor or something? You write so fondly of that job, that I'm pretty sure you're passionate about your work, which means you're probably just as good as that as you are drawing!

  18. So freaking cool. SO freaking cool. I love it when the spout opens and creative juices spurt out! Yes! Oh honey. This is wonderful! Beautiful drawings from both Mama and Son. I can't wait to see the tattoo.
    Missed you for a good cause.

  19. Beautiful. Even sick and barely able to look at the screen because of this raging headache and the flu, I can tell that the artwork is breathtaking. You are so talented Chica, it is hard to hold your beauty all in one place. Hugs from here, Allegra

  20. You make me say Wow a lot. Wow!
    I love your drawing. I love that you just said yes and started again and look what you came up with! So sweet too, you and your son drawing together. His kicks ass too. The tee and tat are going to be incredibly cool.
    You ARE cool
    I hope some of it rubs off on me.

  21. Better you than me, but it is beautiful. And wow-the sunshine!! I'm so jealous! :)

  22. Holy Ganesha! Those drawings are beautiful.


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