"ignore the story. see the soul. remember to love. you will never regret it" --- Seane Corn

"ignore the story. see the soul. remember to love. you will never regret it" --- Seane Corn
it's a jungle out there

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sunday School from the Beacon Satellite Chapel of the Church of the Batshit Crazy

This was last Sunday's post before the shit hit the fan.
I'm terrible at thank-you notes but I want to thank each and every one of you awesome bloggers for your comments and emails and most of all your love.
You have given me strength and perspective.
You got me through.

thank you


I understand about a fingernail's worth of the Hindu religion and culture. It's insanely complicated and convoluted and there are like 47 Sanskrit words that seem to all mean the same thing. Or one word can mean 112 different things.

Ganesh Ganesha Ganapati Vinayaka Omkara Vighnahara
that's just the beginning
he has 108 different names

I love the mythology. I love the symbolism. I love the color and the intensity and the ornamentation. It's malleable. It's multilayered. It sits well with me. From the million gazillion symbols and specifics, I could conjure my perfect Ganesh.


Guardian of the Indian Home
Remover of Obstacles
Lord of Beginnings
Lord of Farming
Lord of Learning

Anyone can invoke Ganesha
He requires no priest as intermediary
He transcends religious, class, and caste

I first knew Ganesha as
the Remover of Obstacles to Happiness
since I don't believe in happiness
my dark and twisty
tweaked it to
the Remover of Obstacles to Understanding
much better
I don't need to be happy
I just need to understand

And I began to understand


all apparent contradictions
in the Universe and in my Brain
can be contained in Ganesha's big belly

Ganesha's trunk curves to the left
forming the shape of the sacred syllable OM
the vibration at the origin of the cosmos
Ganesha appeared with the sound
and danced the Universe into existence

the great sage Vyasa agreed to recite
the epic narrative of India
only if Ganesh agreed to
write it down
without halting.
the recitation went on for weeks
when all his pens were worn down,
Ganesha broke off his tusk and dipped it in ink
thus saving the story of India
as the Bhagavad Gita

i've tried to read it 3 times but it continues to be ice picks in my eyes

the Lord of Storytellers
funny huh?

the lotus flower symbolizes all of creation
as well as spiritual purity

the bowl of sweets represents the
pleasures of knowledge and spiritual wisdom

In one hand, my Ganesha holds an axe
to break the bonds of ignorance
the axe also severs
the ties that bind us to material things

One hand is raised with the symbol of enlightenment
see! it means a bunch of different things
which comes with liberation from all want and desire

the Serpent coiled around Ganesha's belly
symbolizes Kundalini Shakti
the coiled and latent psychic energy
deep within each of us that seeks union
with the undifferentiated consciousness
of the Universe
we are all one

though Ganesha's many arms are raised to attain the spiritual
one foot always remains well grounded



  1. Damn, girl, that was intense! I love it,though. As you know, I'm no fan of Tweety Bird tattoos, but yours really is amazing. Thanks for sharing. I'm Christian, but love to learn about other religions.

  2. Amazing. Amen.
    You were a work of art and love and spirituality before.
    Now, made visible.
    Wow, Michelle. Just...wow.

  3. You have an amazing back made even more amazing!

    I've read it. Try reading it without understanding. I tried the first time to keep up with all the characters and comprehend fully but it didn't work. It's so lyrical and poetic....try reading the music of it.

  4. You and your back are a work of art. I don't really believe in happiness either, but I try to believe in inner peace. That's close enough for me I guess. I'll try to read those words and let them sink in too. I love the thought of you moving through your day with Ganesh having your back while most people have no idea you are covered in art. It is beautiful and so are you. Peace.

  5. That's phenomenal (I was having a hard time thinking of a word that I don't use all the time). Your back is beautiful, and I hope Ganesh pushes through and comforts your heart. And, by the way, that photo at the top is, well, phenomenal, too.

    Holy shit.

  6. holy shit is right. did you do that in one sitting???? amazing either way. it's always good to know that the remover of all obstacles has your back.

    via ms. moon


  7. Adore it. Don't totally understand it, either. But aren't things worth knowing and doing sometimes complicated?

    Just me babbling.


  8. I couldn't get through it either... have tried a few times. Love your reader's comment about trying to read it without understanding. Super advice.

    I agree with your take on happiness, too. I know that you can have happiness, but it doesn't make sense without contrast, so understanding is a better pursuit.

    You're amazing, Michelle. So happy to know you.

  9. I love your tattoo, Michelle. Gorgeous!

    Your kids are gorgeous, too.

    Love you so,


  10. Gorgeous back, gorgeous tat.

    Om, Amen.

  11. I'm not a tat expert at all, but that looks like it was just done (duh?).

    Even though I am not one to ever have a tat on me, I do appreciate it when someone has one done that is intensely personal to them.

  12. Wow. All I can think of is how much that must've hurt. You are brave.

  13. Oh this is my fav. Ganesha story.....One anecdote, taken from the Purana, narrates that the treasurer of Svarga (paradise) and god of wealth, Kubera, went one day to Mount Kailash in order to receive the darshan (vision) of Shiva. Since he was extremely vain, he invited Shiva to a feast in his fabulous city, Alakapuri, so that he could show off to him all of his wealth. Shiva smiled and said to him: "I cannot come, but you can invite my son Ganesha. But I warn you that he is a voracious eater." Unperturbed, Kubera felt confident that he could satisfy even the most insatiable appetite, like that of Ganesha, with his opulence. He took the little son of Shiva with him into his great city. There, he offered him a ceremonial bath and dressed him in sumptuous clothing. After these initial rites, the great banquet began. While the servants of Kubera were working themselves to the bone in order to bring the portions, the little Ganesha just continued to eat and eat and eat. His appetite did not decrease even after he had devoured the servings which were destined for the other guests. There was not even time to substitute one plate with another because Ganesha had already devoured everything, and with gestures of impatience, continued waiting for more food. Having devoured everything which had been prepared, Ganesha began eating the decorations, the tableware, the furniture, the chandelier. Terrified, Kubera prostrated himself in front of the little omnivorous one and supplicated him to spare him, at least, the rest of the palace.

    "I am hungry. If you don't give me something else to eat, I will eat you as well!", he said to Kubera. Desperate, Kubera rushed to mount Kailasa to ask Shiva to remedy the situation. The Lord then gave him a handful of roasted rice, saying that something as simple as a handful of roasted rice would satiate Ganesha, if it were offered with humility and love. Ganesha had swallowed up almost the entire city when Kubera finally arrived and humbly gave him the rice. With that, Ganesha was finally satisfied and calmed.

  14. Can I be Christian and love and believe Ganesh? I want one too! I feel like it's so meaningful yet I believe in GOD and Christianity........please help???



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