"ignore the story. see the soul. remember to love. you will never regret it" --- Seane Corn

"ignore the story. see the soul. remember to love. you will never regret it" --- Seane Corn
it's a jungle out there

Thursday, December 23, 2010

This isn't effin Kansas anymore

I've always loved that movie. I think it's the most perfect movie ever made.
Every single second of every single scene is a perfect still shot.

I've loved it since I was 3. The Wicked Witch of the West always scared the shit out of me.

And my nose always stings when Dorothy says goodbye to the Scarecrow.


I feel just a little ok maybe a lot like I've landed in Oz.
Things are somewhat familiar but also intense and heavy and my emotions have been splashed with a bucket of Technicolor.

But I still feel like me.

Which I guess is a good thing.

Me. Up in a cyclone.
Watching the elements of my day my life tumble past my picture window eyes.

Me. Looking for Peace and a way Home.

Me. Building my Posse along the way.
A Cast of Characters, also searching for their missing parts but who have such good lessons to teach and such good lovin help to give.

Friends. Patients. Co-workers. A Sears Repair Technician that's a story for another day. Bloggers who pour their guts out.
All on their own Yellow Brick Roads. Their crazy life situations tossed in my path as a reminder that we're all in this together.
As a reminder that I am the lucky one.
As a reminder that things could be so much worse.

There but for the grace of god go i.

I have my health. Physical and mental sort of. My kids are pretty ok for now. I have resources.
I am extraordinarily fortunate even in the presence of Oz the Great and Terrible.

I have my Field of Poppies in the form of a baby dose of xanax and a Mike's Hard Lemonade at bedtime.
A bitch needs her sleep, right SB?

So there you go. Trying to find my way back home. There's no hourglass. There isn't even really a Wicked Witch. Just a long path.
But I have good shoes with lots of support and a high arch so I'm ok.

I'll see you on the Road.


  1. Oh my.

    Yes. I'm there with you.

    I even have a Dorothy.

  2. Those blue balls make me just about as happy as anything could in this holiday season. I swear, I think about that post Bethany wrote every day and it makes me want to hang blue balls from my trees.
    Honey. You are surely one of my teachers and better yet- a friend. I already know what your hand would feel like in mine. I've dreamed it and it's a good feeling.

  3. The blue balls and the fa la fucking la made me smile a happy, happy smile this morning. Which is saying something because I have the worst head cold in years and I'm miserable just in time for Christmas. But it could be so much worse. Just like you, relativity helps me down the yellow brick road every single day. I'm so glad you're doing mostly OK and hope for better for you every day. Hope you have a warm and cozy Christmas filled with laughter and hugs from those beautiful kids of yours. Hugs and kisses and best wishes.

  4. I have to watch out for the flyin' monkeys, otherwise I'm right there with ya, keepin' it between the technicolor ditches.

    I admire your balls, Michelle.

  5. Those blue balls are awesome. There is indeed much to be grateful for and I am so happy to have some time off after today to reflect on that. Wishing you good times this week.

  6. A bitch DOES need her sleep! You said it, sister.

    I'm walking the road with you. I don't know shit, as Ms. Moon says. The road could use better light.

    I will be thinking of you and raising a glass (or three) to you over the holidays. Wish we could have a drink together with Ms. Moon.

    I love you so!


    p.s. The damn flying monkeys were SCARY. Did they have to be blue on top of everything else? Like the weren't scary enough, just flying around.

  7. Love the photo of your house and the blue balls. Gorgeous.............

  8. I've got my orthotics in my shoes and am skipping, myself, down the road.

    Love you, Michelle!

  9. Of course you have blue balls on the purple porch.

    One of my good friends/co-workers said that I needed to gather my 'team' this month as the shitstorm of unbloggable hit. So true, so true.

    Glad to travel along with you.


  10. I have the same baby dose. 1 mg - too funny, I thought I was the only one. I've written many times using Wizard of Oz parallels. This ain't Kansas fer sure.

    But if a house lands on me, I want it to be yours, with those lovely blue balls.

  11. You're so tough. Keep walking the road.

  12. You rocked that metaphor baby!
    And your blue balls? Divine!
    So so glad you strung em up!
    The SB comment made me laugh.
    Hope you can have a merry and bright Christmas.
    Hope you can float along and feel the Scarecrows hand in your own.


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