"ignore the story. see the soul. remember to love. you will never regret it" --- Seane Corn

"ignore the story. see the soul. remember to love. you will never regret it" --- Seane Corn
it's a jungle out there

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Another snow day shoveling shit

is it me or does blogger look different?
it's feb.1.
i do not like this

Yet another Snow Day here in the Hudson Valley.
Looks like tomorrow we're having an ice storm.
I'm sure it will be real pretty but at this point fuck pretty this shit needs to melt.

We started out with 4 shovels. We're down to 1.
They break.
They get stolen off the porch.
They get divided up like furniture and photographs.
And like new snow boots and cat food I wait till the very last minute meaning in the midst of a snow and ice storm to say
hmmm... maybe I should go buy another shovel and some ice melter?

So I said it. But didn't do it.
We still only have one shovel.
So I'm the ONE shoveling.
Which isn't so bad since yoga keeps getting cancelled due to the damn snow and I have to get some kind of exercise.

Shoveling snow is extraordinarily meditative.
Alone. Quiet.
Shove. Lift. Toss.
Shove. Lift. Toss.
Mindless repetitive cold hot heavy hard sweaty on and on
and suddenly BANG!



the unbloggable becomes more clear in a
what the fuck? holy fucking shit!
kind of way

turns out all this snow and the subsequent shoveling of said snow has its upside.

Anyway, that's all I have to say about that.

I've had enough clarity and illumination and snow for one day week month year.
I'm goin back to Mexico.

our view from the hammocks

yum... flan

tie dye mama

sun n sand boy in a hammock

the handsome one taking a siesta

trading the pink and purple house in the snow
for the pink and purple house in the sun

my south of the border yellow brick road

Riviera Maya
our fairy tale houses

the view in Tulum


happy snow days


  1. Your family is so beautiful I want them for my own! I would say yay for epiphanies but I find, for myself, that they tend to be accompanied by great pain-so lately I have been living blissfully on the surface of everything. Glad you are braver than I!

  2. I use a snowblower for snow removal, BUT I shovel horse manure each and every blessed day and that's when I do my best thinking, best imagining, best intuit-ing. Clarifying and edifying. What could be better than that?

  3. Sunny here today. Sending you some to melt the snow but keep the revelations. Some time I think snow and fire are brother and sister, like Sun and Moon and they bring us to where we need to be without us even noticing ir until we are there. Keep warm. Go inside your memories and warm your heart with that Mexican sunshine.

  4. I'm so OVER winter. I can't tell you. It took me over 45 minutes to get my damn car de-iced this morning. Shit.

    Mexico looks damn GRAND to me!

    Love you, buddy.


  5. You all look so beautiful.

    I'm glad you found the snow shoveling meditative. Good for you.

    I'm about done with the snow, too.


  6. i would like to follow you to mexico, to live in a pink and purple house and walk along a yellow brick road. and that view from the hammock ain't half bad.

    i hope your moment of clarity powered you in a good way ultimately. it's snowing here in new york city, too, but people have just stopped digging out. they're tired. that's what they said on the morning news.

    yours in snowy solidarity.

  7. Your family is breathtakingly gorgeous. Like, it's a little scary to me. Especially when you're all splayed out in Mexico.

    I extend you an invitation to visit me here, in Los Angeles. It's gorgeous out -- blue sky, very, very sunny, white-topped mountains to remind you of snow but you don't have to experience them. And it's warm. And I have Meyer lemon trees blooming in the backyard.

  8. Girl. I don't have snow but I have been having Mexican flashbacks that grab me by the throat and I am THERE for one holy second and then back here, BANG, like your illumination.
    I send you love and clarity. Well, I have plenty of love but not much clarity so I'll send you hopes for clarity of your own. You get the love- all you want.

  9. Sigh indeed. Shoveling anything is good meditation. I used to clear leaves in my parent's garden for hours and hours. Also good. I love your pictures. I hope the unbloggable is bearable to you. x

  10. Ice melter? They have that!? Cool, like degreaser but deicer. Of course, I'm not iced in right now. So, it WOULD be cool to me.

    Rhythmic and repetitive action is a wonderful thing. My husband said the best job he ever had was in a rope factory. His machine swished and clanked and whirred and his hands were constantly moving. Said it was the best therapy one could get!

  11. I think you and your family are beautiful. Mexico looks divine. Shoveling snow has been mostly therapeutic for me, but I've not had any revelations or major upheavals to process for a while. Hope your Holy shit moment was good for you, maybe it means you are now free to live somewhere colorful and warm???

  12. Thanks for the Mexico visuals. We've got like fucking two feet here, but unlike New York, nothing closes. Schools are open and everyone is expected to report to work.

    You AND your munchkins need to be movie stars. Those kids are like candy to the camera. Simply delicious.

  13. And also, I'm hoping your holy shit moment wasn't literally a holy "shit" moment unless you just really needed to get things moving.

  14. I sort of enjoyed shoveling the driveway last week. Just that one time though. I don't want to do it again.

    I would however like to tag along on your next trip to Mexico. Your treat of course.

  15. you all are gorgeous and looks so happy and relaxed.
    ah, the snow, i know, i know.
    i've had no illumination though, just sweat and aching arms and wow, am i really all alone this winter? how did this happen?
    ah well.
    thanks for the inspiration.

  16. Awwww... Now I wanna go to Mexico. I'm loving that villa. (I clicked on your link and spent 30 minutes perusing and dreaming of the beach.)

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