"ignore the story. see the soul. remember to love. you will never regret it" --- Seane Corn

"ignore the story. see the soul. remember to love. you will never regret it" --- Seane Corn
it's a jungle out there

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Kiss My Ash Party

When She thought Dr. NewGuy had an answer and a cure, She said well, I guess this isn't The End after all. We'll have to have a party. A Lackodemise Party. We'll have margaritas and ceviche.

Ah lah

On The Last Day, She asked us to mix Their ashes and spread them in our gardens.

Sunday we gathered at Sister Halona's for the Kiss My Ash Party.
November 2 was Their 48th wedding anniversary.
November 17 would have been Her 75th birthday.

The Sister Formerly Known As
Bartender Melanie
made some wicked margaritas

the kids got a whiff and said
it smells like Grumsie's house

we Patrick Girls sure do love
our margaritas

I had 3

Bruce made TWO kinds of ceviche
She would have liked it

the Son-In-Laws
both shared lovely thoughts
while the Sister-Wives had at it

a few of The Grandsons
Baby Isaiah... do not look in to the light
look away from the light

real boobs are better than
the boob tube anyway

The Gorgeous Granddaughters

so this is where it gets weird
it wasn't weird for us
cause we're all weird to begin with
but it may seem weird to you
unless you're weird too

The Fruits of Their Labor and Loins
who is teaching english
somewhere in rural China

It's so true.
We ate and drank and laughed.
Then we ate and drank and laughed some more.

Just like we used to.

It was the best Kiss My Ash Party ever.


  1. I am so excited to see my family now, even more, after reading this :) Beautiful kiddos!

  2. How wonderful and as it should be. Kiss My Ash. That's the best.

  3. You know, I have a good old friend that every time she comes into my kitchen tells me that she knows of no caterer that would do justice to my funeral. I tell her that would be none, I mean funeral, and that unless I die of a heart attack while the flesh is willing and with the spirit help I will cook and freeze everything for a party. No funerals for me, not sadness, and since I am donating my body for research I don't even know if there will be any ashes, so I think that a "going away for good" party would be another name for mine.

    Your party sounds just what anyone with a bit of good sense would love as a send off. I know I would.

  4. It does look like a lovely party, Michelle. And the kids, they ARE all gorgeous!

  5. I love it. Particularly the weirdness. DAMD, remember?

  6. Love your family. Our family is weird too. xo

  7. It goes without saying, but I'll say it- your family is beautiful.
    And you've just given me the best name ever for a post-rainbow-tripping gathering/festival.
    Kiss my ash.

  8. It sounded like ONE HELL of a send off.

    Love you,


  9. Great post **BEAUTIFUL** kids. They all are! And, I was wondering about the lead girl. How is the lead girl doing?

    And Clark.....your kids brought Clark home from the park in the dark one day and Clark stayed with you most of the summer.

  10. yep. what Movie said. we're weird like that.

    when Grandma died, it was right around one of the cousin's birthdays... that cousin had always wanted a pie to be thrown in her face... so we did. And it turned into huge food fight in Grandma's kitchen. was awesome.

  11. Gorgeous family and a great send off. What a legacy.

  12. I'm weird, so it didn't seem weird to me. It seems right. That my Dad's ashes are sitting in the kitchen is very distressing to me, I want to steal them and set them free in the wind and the water and the soil. He'd like that, I think. But Mom won't let him go. When she goes, I'm doing it, hopefully in style like yours.
    Your send off was enviable. Your family is beautiful. So are you. Hugs.

  13. I saw no weird here.

    Them's some gorgeous kids and grandkids right there.

  14. And THAT is how you send somebody off right. Cheers and much love.

  15. Beautiful Family and a joyful, fabulous send off. You all did good. x0 n2


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