"ignore the story. see the soul. remember to love. you will never regret it" --- Seane Corn

"ignore the story. see the soul. remember to love. you will never regret it" --- Seane Corn
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Friday, October 2, 2009

Friday Fragments & Freewrites

So I don't know how many of you do yoga, but yoga studios have this annoying class package thingy that I just don't get. And they all do it. Single classes are x per class. Or you can buy packages. 10 classes, 25 classes, unlimited classes. So the more classes per package, the less you pay per class. So you get usually 2-5 dollars off each class. But they have expirations dates. So it forces you to take like 2 or 3 or more classes per week to get a break in the cost. It doesn't make any fucking sense. I'm coughing up a bunch of money up front. And yoga lady has my money up front. And I'm a really busy lazy person. And I can't get to 3 classes a week. Why can't they just say thank-you for the 150 bucks and let me come when I can get my busy lazy ass there? You're probably thinking pay for a single class whenever you get your busy lazy & now jiggly ass there. But I'm too cheap so I'll just rant 

We have a tiny kitchen. Which for the most part I love. Our last kitchen was in a really big old victorian and really big and really inefficient. There was a ton of unused space, and there was no way to fix it. So now we have a little kitchen where everything pretty much is in arms reach. Even the washer and dryer are a few steps away tucked into a nice sized pantry. I love that. The problem is there's no place to sit. Except on the counter. How many times a day for the last two and a half years do you think I've said to one kid or another get your butt off the counter! I know they love me and want to hang and all, but jeez. Mia pops herself up right in front of the coffee maker and I have daily visions of a trip to the ER and having to explain the second degree burns when I should be enjoying my second cup o' joe.  Or Ty likes to sit right in front of the condiment cabinet with his legs hanging in front of the pots and pans lazy susan. Shoot me. If I'm in the kitchen, I'm probably cooking, right?  Move your head Ty, I need the sugar. Move your feet Ty, I need a mixing bowl. I dream of knocking out the back wall with my fist and putting in a big bay window with a long window seat and they can park their mommy loving butts there. But I'm too cheap so I'll just rant.

And I don't know about anyplace else, but it's darn cold here for the beginning of October. I already brought my plants in from the porch. I broke out my Uggs and thermals. I'm wearing winter scarves at work cause the menopausal ladies at work are always turning on the air conditioner. I can't wait till I can have hot flashes too. I love being warm. But I refuse to turn on the heat this early. We haven't even changed the clocks yet. So I'll just be cold and aggravated. I could turn on the heat. But I'm too cheap so I'll just rant.

The best really cheap pets for your kid? Sea Monkeys. Ty just came running into the bedroom shouting my sea monkeys are mating!!! Of course we all ran in to gawk. is nothing sacred? That's when Mia noticed a few tiny baby sea monkeys along with the big mating ones. Ty is jumping out of his skin with excitement like the proud patriarch he is. So here is the banter between Jack and Ty as they watch the procreating Sea Monkeys:
... they're gettin' jiggy with it... they probably went into labor while we were at school... push push... I see a head... it's a boy... stop looking at my vajajay... it's actually kind of disturbing... they're,like,inbreeding... 

So much excitement over "pets" that might as well be mosquito larvae in pond scum.
Sea Monkeys--good cheap times, good cheap times

Friday Fragments courtesy of Mrs. 4444 at Half Past Kissin' Time
Friday Freewrites courtesy of Sara Bonds at Ordinary and Awesome

Have an awesome weekend.  Hope there's some kissin' time for you all!


  1. Sea monkeys? Who knew? How great.
    I bitch about my yoga teacher and her Catholic ways but really- paying is easy and it's right down the street and there are no packages. Easy, peasy.
    And watch what you wish for- hot flashes have nothing to do with being warm. They are a taste of the heat of hell. I pray for you that you do NOT get them.
    Happy weekend, Ms. Michelle. I'm kissing you from here.

  2. I love your rants. I loathe being cold, too. Must get us some sea monkeys. I love to observe some animal mating and our cats are both male and I've never seen our fish mate.

  3. I wish kids were like sea monekys, only without the mating part. Obviously.

  4. I hate Yoga
    My kitchen is too small
    It is not cold here yet
    and I love the idea of sea monkeys

  5. It's stinking cold here too! I have got to find some warmer shoes, otherwise I swear my feet are going to fall off *L*

  6. Im totally with you on the whole being cold thing. im sitting here with my ski vest on (not that i ski mind you, the vest is just cute) which i havent removed for 5 hours since coming in the house. bc im cold. and im in love w/ my uggs. God Bless Uggs. And whoogas are good too... just as warm and CHEAPER w/o being knock offs. because im with you on "good, cheap times" -- the only one cheaper than me, is my husband. i could tell ya stories...
    this post cracked me UP!!!

  7. Sea Monkeys... I childhood favorite!

  8. I'm with you- the way they price out workout classes doesn't make any sense to me!

    It's cold here for Oct, but being in the deep south, cold=60s, so no boots yet.

    I'll have to remember the sea monkeys trick...

  9. The yoga class packages really bug me. In the end they get more money out of you because you don't go to all the classes. You should not be stressed out about having to go to yoga. It just seems wrong.

  10. I say go to yoga when you feel like it and pay by the class; you'll probably pay less in the end. I do love yoga, but I'm way to lazy to go.
    I knew it was October, but when I read it here, I thought, "WHAT?! It's October?! Holy cow!" And yes, it's pleasantly cool here, too. Wish I had some Uggs! :)

  11. That is really frustrating about the yoga classes! Highway robbery! GEEZ!

  12. Ah, Sea Monkeys. That brings me back...I remember that they were a colossal disappointment, as is yoga. Don't mean to offend those who take Yoga, but I've tried it several times, and I wound up getting hurt each time. Yoga is no good.....

    Loved this posting!!


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