"ignore the story. see the soul. remember to love. you will never regret it" --- Seane Corn

"ignore the story. see the soul. remember to love. you will never regret it" --- Seane Corn
it's a jungle out there

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Thanks Naomi

I had a first this weekend...

Let me start by saying, my husband is a chef. And these days, thanks to Bravo and Food Network, if you're a chef, you might as well be a 
rock star. Seriously. At work, my patients ask is your husband in medicine too? 
No, he's a chef. 
Their eyes light up oooh a chef... what kind of food... you're so lucky.... does he cook for you... how are you so skinny?
Well, being a chef's wife is worse than being a football widow or the spouse of a special ops CIA undercover agent. It's a year round gig. "Superbowl season" is Thanksgiving through New Year's. And there are no such things as holidays. Holidays equal busy days in the restaurant business.
Let me also say that my husband can be amazingly charming. And boy o boy can he flirt. I've always gotten a kick out of it. And I've never felt threatened or jealous cause I've always known he only has eyes for me.
But let me tell you, those Ladies Who Lunch sure do love his blue eyes.
So Sunday we're at our town parade. There are swarms of people. B's obtaining dogs and burgers and I see this little girl run up to him and tap him on the back and giggle and point to this...
who looks like Naomi Campbell
only prettier
Ms. Campbell gives a girlie wave and her eyes positively TWINKLE at my husband
and he waves back
like... oh, Hi! 
like he knows her...
B turns back to collect our dogs and burgers.
Ummm... EXCUSE  ME???
Oh... we both chaperoned Ty's class trip last year.
Hmmm... last year... you must have made quite an impression last year

And standing among the swarms of people and hot dogs and burgers I realize that I'm... jealous...
... seeing a little red...
B... I say... do you see the green? as I point to the tips of my ears
He didn't get it.
Because after 15 years of marriage and 15 years of knowing that all sorts of women have expressed interest in my chef husbandI've never felt jealous. Ever. So he didn't at all get the green joke. He just looked confused. Ha
So there I am feeling all possessive and jealous and laughing at myself because these feelings are so... unfamiliar
Harumph... I say her legs are too long to pull off that short flouncy skirt with the cowboy boots. And that's a WIG. Jeez, B... 
Chica... he says and looks at me with his blue eyes... I've done a lot of things wrong... But the ONE thing you never have to worry about is me and another girl...
but she looks like naomi campbell only prettier 
and I'm laughing at myself for reacting this way 
Chica... you're the only one I want

And I know that. Which is why I've never been jealous.

But seeing my husband through Naomi Campbell's eyes was a little bit of a re-awakening.

It's kinda nice that after all this time, and all that we've been through, and the uncertainty, and the rebuilding, that I can have a moment of newness... of excitement... of feeling 
hey.. you... Naomi... that's my man, keep your swishy skirt to yourself.

And I think he kinda enjoyed seeing me a little possessive and jealous. 
After 15 years. 
Maybe it's about time.
We sure did have a chuckle over it.

Thanks Naomi


  1. hai friend nice to meet u, i would like to share some yoga pose n knowledge to u, u r welcome;-)

  2. Michelle- Why, why, WHY have I thought all this time that you were a single mama? I mean, you have spoken about your husband but I thought he was an ex. I am so confused!
    You are still married to the man who calls you "chica?"

  3. Ah yes, the blue eyes are a weakness of mine as well :)

  4. I think Jeremiah is the hands down best looking man on the face of the planet...and thus I'm a fairly jealous broad. I keep it to myself though.
    I thought you were a single mom too...Why did I think that?

  5. Oh Michelle, I know how you feel!!
    but those are good feelings right?
    Have a Luving Week "Chica"<---love that =)

  6. It's good to have a new feeling once in a while. With jealousy, I hope it stays an occasional thing - that green-eyed monster is no fun to have around permanently.

    (I bet it helped being called "chica" - mmm, lovely.)


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