"ignore the story. see the soul. remember to love. you will never regret it" --- Seane Corn

"ignore the story. see the soul. remember to love. you will never regret it" --- Seane Corn
it's a jungle out there

Thursday, October 8, 2009

It's a beautiful day & Oprah's a twit

Seems like a bunch of my bloggy friends and allies are having censoring issues...
It is what it is.
We don't want to offend, but we do want to be honest.
We don't want to hurt, but we have something to say.

And no one likes to loose followers!!! 
ha ha just trying to keep it real

Quite a conundrum

The weather here is lovely. Dry and sunny and warm.

I watched Oprah yesterday. 
Watched her interview Nie Nie.
Nie Nie is grace in human form. If, by some infinitesimal chance, you read my blog, but are unfamiliar with Nie Nie, check her out. Peruse from July '08 or so.

Her story is astounding. 
She's like, a super hero. That's all I can say about her.

Pioneer Woman and Dooce?
They don't hold a candle to Nie Nie.

And Oprah interviewed her yesterday. 
At one point, while speaking with Nie Nie's family via Skype, Oprah commented about how much she liked the clock on the wall...
In the midst of Nie Nie's daddy talking about how she walked through Hell and came out the other side, Oprah commented about the clock. on the wall. 

Are you kidding me???
The clock on the wall???

I think it's time for Oprah to remove her diamond earrings and silver straw and shave off her straightened hair so she can pull her head out of her ass.

Just sayin'


  1. I didn't see the whole interview but I saw that part. Yeah. I completely agree with what you said. I think that no one around her has the gumption to tell her she's being ridiculous. Maybe she should read our blogs!

  2. Yeah - and she needs to stop trying to interview kids. It's always a disaster - she doesn't know how to talk to kids.

    How is the right way to talk to kids? Like they're people.

    I absolutely love Oprah for her cultural cachet and how she has transformed our society positively in many ways - but I can't ever watch her show.

  3. I didn't see that interview either...but here's what I do know:

    I love your honesty.
    You rock! And I'll be checking out NieNie

  4. you KNOW i didn't see that interview.

    you KNOW that wondering what makes people tick, analysing how they move through blessing and tragedy matters to me, to a fault. you also KNOW i wouldn't even consider watching a twit interview anyone.

    a thousand years ago i was so distracted by the glare of the diamonds in the ears that i suppose i never noticed the silver straw. did she bestow one upon each member of the nielson family as a parting gift?

    yes, twit.

    as i move through 100 days of gratitude i find the tightrope walk between honesty and not offending to be harrowing, indeed. then again, i have already lost all my followers. oh well, what's new?

    good job on this one, meesh.

  5. ALWAYS be honest! thats my theory. i too censor myself too much, but i find that on the occassions i do express my opinion and others dont like it, that its all 'good' :) i love hearing different opinions!

    i havent watched oprah in years and i dont realy feel either way about her. she's fine... so i can objectively say this about her "clock on the wall" comment: i agree with you - that does seem kinda random and idiotic for oprah to say. LOL.

  6. You are too funny. You should email this post to Oprah.

  7. Seriously, if Oprah wasn't mesmerized by NieNie's story, that really disappoints me. I thought she was genuine. Maybe she's losin' it?


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