"ignore the story. see the soul. remember to love. you will never regret it" --- Seane Corn

"ignore the story. see the soul. remember to love. you will never regret it" --- Seane Corn
it's a jungle out there

Friday, July 24, 2009

friday fragments

Friday Fragments. Evidence of Mrs. 4444's brilliance. Also, Friday's Freewrite, created by Sara at Ordinary and Awesome. Come freely frag with us. And leave some love while you're at it. Everyone needs a little bloggy love at the end of a long week. Right?

Mia and I went arts and crafts shopping the other day. An entire store of crafty stuff for her to choose from. We were there for hours. She decided on sparkly metallic pom poms, pipe cleaners, glitter, and 3 pieces of fuzzy flocked patterned paper. Zebra print, leopard print, and purple & pink tye dye.
She carefully drew out a flowy blouse shape with a plunging v neckline on the zebra print, a flowy ruffled skirt shape on the leopard print, and a big bow belt out of the tie dye. So exciting... paper dolls! She wanted it to be just right. I could see she had a vision. Beautiful, exotic, sexy clothes taking shape in her mind's eye. She cut them out... put them together... 
I wait for the triumphant smile, the excitement of her artistic vision brought forth...
instead, she looks uncertain ... umm... mommy... if a lady was walking down the street in this outfit, would people look at her funny? Guess it depends on the street

I like to be productive. Not amazingly or neurotically productive, I just don't like wasting time. Any activity that is repetitive or doesn't show some kind of progressive just aggravates the shit out of me.  oh, right that would constitute almost all of everything I do at home. Grocery shopping uggh buy it torture eat it hopefully poop it out inevitably. Laundry recurrent never ending no one really cares about clean clothes but me. House cleaning ditto. There's momentary pleasure in planning and starting my garden every spring. But by this time of year everything's so out of control be it heat or weeds or rodents that I'm just done. 
Maybe I'll take up cross stitching

Every morning I listen to Democracy Now while driving Ty to cello camp. This week, Amy Goodman is all over health care reform. She's interviewed Howard Dean, Wendell Potter formerly chief spokesperson for Cigna, now whistle-blower, and Stan Brock founder of RAM, a group of volunteers who bring free health care to under served populations right here at home. This topic gets me going. I rant at the car radio. Every morning. Ty and Mia just look at me, and then each other. Finally Mia says mommy, they can't hear you. Harumph

My teeth hurt. They've been hurting ever since the dentist filled my long in the tooth gaps a few months ago.  I'd had an appointment to get a cavity filled.  A snowstorm hit that morning, but the dentist is just around the corner, so no need for me to cancel. You know, once I cancel an appointment like that, it's really hard to get around to rescheduling. So she filled the cavity then offered to fill in my old age gaps. Said I was already numb, and insurance would pay and there were a lot of cancellations due to the storm.  As far as I'm concerned, it was totally cosmetic. I guess they look better. If you're right up in my mouth examining my gumline. I didn't particularly think it looked bad before. Now they just hurt all the time. WTF 

I'm a little crabby this morning. I was fully prepared and oh so stoked for a really good night's sleep. Lights off at 10:30 really early for me. 12:09 ghetto neighbor's friend pulls up next door with ghetto car stereo pounding my bedroom windows with an entirely too heavy base line. 2:30 60 lb Dusty Dog sounds like he's running through the house jumping on furniture. When I go downstairs to investigate, he and the Fat Cat are having a face off. dumb pets 6:09 otherwise very cute and sweet 2 yr old across the street has his a.m. fit  aargh
Guess I should close my windows or move my bedroom to the back of the house or something.
What makes you loose sleep?


  1. hope your teeth get to feeling better I have a daughter who went and had her teeth worked on and they hurt for quite a while as well. Teeth are delicate items and cause us alot of pain but they are needed items that we can not live without so what are we to do?

  2. You can tell Mia that people would definitely look at somebody in that outfit, but in ADMIRATION!

    What do you mean, they can't hear you yelling at the radio? Does that mean they can't hear me when I'm yelling at the TV, either? Darn.

  3. I yell at the radio (and the tv and computer, etc) all the time. I keep hoping that if I do it long enough something good might happen. :-)

  4. last night I got up twice with Luke_ once for potty, again for cold water...ended up in his bed...couldn't sleep...thinking about money and how I can get my hands on more...school starts soon, and we can't afford it...money money lack of money fear of the future...THAT keeps me up always...asleep or awake...it is THERE...then the garbage truck LOUD woke my at 7

    good morning

  5. When teeth hurt, I want to kick the nearest wiener. Which is not nice...not nice at all!!

    Hallie :)

  6. Argh! I really don't like neighbors! ;)
    I've had several good ones, but my last neighbors made me want to leave home and never come back... in fact, they were one of the reasons for our last move!
    So sorry you didn't get your much desired sleep!

  7. this is going to be weird since I've only been visiting your blog for a little while and well we don't really know each other well, but here it is...I love you. Weird? No - Nothing is weird on blogger.
    You crack me up.
    Mia and Faith sound like they would get along great.
    Democracy Now? Are you kidding me? You are like the third person I've ever met that listens to it.
    And often when I read your posts it feels like we are leading parallel lives...totally different but completely the same.
    I'm hooked.

  8. I'm so sorry about the teeth thing. Every time I go to the dentist lately I come out with pain. I can't stand it.

    Keep yelling at the radio. They can't hear you, but your kids can.

  9. And this would be one of the reasons I don't watch TV; I talk back, and everyone hates it. I am not longer even allowed to listen to CNN or CSPAN or NPR on the Satellite when the kids are in the car.

  10. Other than my roommate at BlogHer, nothing interrupts my sleep. I do not take that for granted, EVER. That calking of the teeth thing is really interesting; I've never heard of that. Hopefully, it will go away in time. How cool is that that your daughter is a budding fashion designer?!


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