"ignore the story. see the soul. remember to love. you will never regret it" --- Seane Corn

"ignore the story. see the soul. remember to love. you will never regret it" --- Seane Corn
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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Patsy & Me

Seems like lately there's a lot of discontent... frustration... ambivalence about the difference between the way things are and the way we'd like them to be. Or maybe between the way we'd like things to be and the way they feel ...or maybe it's all about the way we think things should be

Shoulds... I should be able to walk into a grocery store and not be overwhelmed. I should not have to worry about packaging, food miles, run-off, or concentrated animal feeding operations. I should be able to buy fruit grown in my own state, or at least the eastern seaboard. What good is organic if it's shipped from Chile?

I'm way past nutritional value, way past high fructose corn syrup, way past organic, growth hormones, or free range.  I'm at the point of... if I don't grow it myself, milk it myself, or butcher it myself, or if I don't personally know the farmer who grew it, milked it, or butchered it, it might as well be a Kidz Cuisine. I know it seems a bit over the top. I'll admit, it's extreme and obsessive just trying to save the planet

Well, I've decided to suck it up. Since I can't grow it, milk it, or butcher it, I'm gonna have to get a grip
Be normal. Buy food, cook it, eat it. Not give up completely on my ideals, but life would probably benefit from a little compromise.

I'm gonna give it a go.  I'm gonna cook and not think. Cook and listen to Patsy Cline.
I don't know... it's something about warmer weather and housewifely chores. I listen to Patsy on days when the windows and doors are open and I'm cleaning, or painting the porch, or folding four baskets of laundry. 
Me & Patsy belting it out with the breeze blowing through the house...

Sweeeeeeeeet Dre-eems of Yooooooo... 
Eye Faaawll to Pee sez

So, I'm baking today, instead of buying cookies in a package. Original Toll House.
Organic butter, eggs from my friend's chickens, and the rest... well I didn't mill my own wheat into flour. But I'm getting over that and letting it go. Measuring, mixing, stirring, singing.

Best raw cookie dough EVER

My friend j said you know, they sell that stuff in a tube. And you just cut it up and bake it.


  1. ooooowaaaaaaaaaoooooooo

    yeah to raw cookie dough made with organic ingredients, local eggs and mama's love and yeah to keeping your brain from leaking out your ears and spilling all over aisle seven

    your cheat-i-in' ha-art will tell on eweeeeee!

  2. so curious how this obsession (can I call it that? Because it sounds exhausting) all came about? It was in your house that I learned how to fry bologna.

  3. Laura-you did NOT learn to fry bologna from me!! LOL
    I dunno, just started reading stuff and BAM! Spent like 300$ in books at Amazon feeding the beast. Eventually had to put the books aside, and took up knitting instead. I knit for like 4 months straight. It chilled me out, but all that info is still in my brain. Oh well. Will keep working on re-acclimation into normal food society.

  4. We do what we can do. That's profound, isn't it?
    And Patsy Cline? One of the greatest blues singers who ever lived.

  5. Oh Michelle - thank you SO MUCH for this post. Everybody thinks I am INSANE about food. And I don't think I am, though I think I need some balance.

    I realized I don't want to swallow cum because I don't know everything he's eaten, what mercury content of his body, any other hazards he's been exposed to, how much high fructose corn syrup would be in his ejaculate. How do I explain *that* to him?

    Yes, I realized that's a HUGE overshare but I don't think you will think I'm crazy like everybody else in the world.

  6. Sorry, that last comment has me reeling. Because if that is what a person is thinking while **that** is going on, well, sounds like she needs a different lover. That would SO totally be the last thing on my mind, really. I don't know; we all have our different passions, obsessions, whatever you want to call them, and yeah, some of it you have to let go just because it isn't practical but the rest? Is all good.

  7. I know, Kori - that sounds CRAZY. He's a fantastic lover, really. It just shows how I've gotten so obsessive about every thing I consume. Food, water, air, all that. Sorry to make you reel! I never thought I would develop any kind of eating disorder, but I read this great article a while back about how food has become our new morality. I don't care about people sleeping around, but I get all sorts of indignant about out-of-season foreign foods, high fructose corn syrup, all that.

    Anyway, hey Michelle - just read this article in the paper and it has some great recipes your kids might like. it's about kids here in new Orleans protesting to get healthy, local food in their schools - Yay! http://www.nola.com/living/t-p/index.ssf?/base/living-13/1244697620143190.xml&coll=1

    (um, I can't log in because I'm at school, but it's me again)

  8. Oh LADIES!!!
    once again I'm falling off my chair, trying to hold my pee in, laughing like CRAZY in my quiet sleepy house.
    Nola, I knew you were a girl after my own heart when I saw the crooked shelf lined with all those canned veggies

  9. Cookie dough makes life perfect sometimes.


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