"ignore the story. see the soul. remember to love. you will never regret it" --- Seane Corn

"ignore the story. see the soul. remember to love. you will never regret it" --- Seane Corn
it's a jungle out there

Friday, November 6, 2009

Friday Fragments & Freewrites

Friday Fragments
courtesy of Mrs. 4444
Just another reason to love Fridays!

***So it wasn't H1N1. It was Halloweenitis.
Too much excitement. Too much candy.
Too little sleep.
Last week it was change in the dishwasher.
Today... a mini Snickers Bar in the dryer.
I hate Halloween grumpy grumpy

***You know what part I hate most about paying bills?
The bill paying part.

***There's a lot more laundry these days.
And more but not too many more tee shirts on the floor and socks on the kitchen counter
But if I start to feel a little persnickety I remind myself of what's really important
Sobriety is important
Sanity is important
Happy and safe is important
hearing Chica, it's ok and believing him...
really important
and don't forget the yummy weekend dinners...
yummy is important
socks on the kitchen counter? not so important

if your head explodes cause the top isn't put back on the toothpaste... maybe it's not about the toothpaste. Right?

***I put one of those Feedjit traffic things on my blog page because of something I read here. It's really cool to see where hits are coming from, but most of them came from... me. How pathetic. And it's a really ugly gadget.
So I found the ClustrMap counter, which is really neat, and more aesthetically pleasing.
And it is amazing to see where people are reading from.

***I just chopped all of Mia's hair off. By request. It's above her shoulders. I butchered it. She loves it. She's squealing with delight and exploding with
"I'm so happy"

I'm so happy too.

Happy Happy Friday


  1. Awww, you should post a pic of Mia's hair.

    It seems like you're stressed but you're dealing really well with it. I know for me keeping that positive focus is always important.

  2. No. It is not always about the toothpaste. It is rarely the toothpaste. The toothpaste, the sock- they are the straws which break our backs.
    For me, it's the dog poop in the hallway I step on.
    I am glad you are happy. I am glad you hear "Chica- it's okay."
    Bless you, Michelle. Happy Friday.

  3. Oh, yay for Mia! I love short hair - it's so liberating and so empowers me, so I'm happy she's so happy! Look forward to a picture.

    Um, I think it's about the toothpaste.

  4. Yay for happy short hair. It's so freeing!

    Sometimes it is just being overwhelmed. It may not be the laundry or toothpaste, but after 1,000 times it can seem like it. Feel peace soon... :)

  5. I actually like paying the bills. I like writing the checks, signing my name, putting the PAID stamp on the invoice - I just don't like worrying about the money in the checking account and if I can pay the bill today.

    I think socks on the counter is important. Please don't put them there. But it's just my husband and I and if he kept putting his socks on the counter he'd find that my shoes would be on his dinner plate in no time. LOL If I had kids, I'm sure I'd look at this differently. :)

    Have a fabulous day!
    Kristin - The Goat

  6. Love you, Michelle. Happy Friday! Have a terrific weekend.


  7. I guess paying bills would be fun, what with all that writing prettily in the checks and whatnot, if the end result wasn't waving bye bye to money. Huh.

  8. WHAAAT???!!! Pics of Miss Mia, please.

  9. So I'm posting from Indiana... I've never felt like that was particularly fascinating but you certainly make it sound pretty intriguing!

    Happy FF!

  10. I wish you were close so you could chop my hair off and I could squeal with delight.

  11. I hear you on all of those things. And coins in the dishwasher? Wow...never had that before!

    Happy Friday!

    Feel free to stop on by:


  12. I want to see a picture, too! And yes, I had to laugh about the toothpaste comment because nope, it has nothing to do with toothpaste. :) Sending you big hugs.

  13. I love having short hair too, I'm glad she likes it =D

    Does your toothpaste at least stay in the bathroom? I usually find tubes laying all over the apartment... I don't know why he can't put the toothpaste on in the bathroom!

  14. Something tells me she'd be happy bald :) Yes, let's have a pic.

    My friend Molly said many years ago that she did not mind doing laundry, because she was so grateful for the children who produced it; doing that laundry means your kids are with you. I tried having that attitude (it only helped a little, haha)


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