"ignore the story. see the soul. remember to love. you will never regret it" --- Seane Corn

"ignore the story. see the soul. remember to love. you will never regret it" --- Seane Corn
it's a jungle out there

Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday Fragments

Friday Fragments
courtesy of the fantabulous

Screams of ecstasy and delight
It's winter it's winter!!!
What, then...???
Clementines and raspberries
signifying WINTER in New York
no point in stressing over food miles
or eating local and seasonal
or saving the planet...
ecstatic and delighted kids
are a way better investment

total school melt downs this afternoon.
Jack's in a tizzy cause he thinks he's gonna get booted from advanced science.
Ty's in a tizzy cause his partner for the Algonquin project didn't to his share and
they're gonna get a bad grade.
Mia's in a tizzy cause she's bored and wants to learn the kind of stuff that Ty and Jack do.
They're all crying and stressed out.
Jack's eye is twitching.
So to save them from
plummeting off the academic ledge...
CAKE and ICE CREAM for dinner.
chocolate chip cake with chocolate icing
and rocky road ice cream
Three kinds of potato chips and sour cream onion dip.
and it worked
sometimes you just gotta say what the fuck

The problem with cake and ice cream for dinner?
It's cake and ice cream.
So Mia woke up at 4:30 this morning wanting a hot dog
cause she was hungry.
Oh well...

I did something I swore I'd never do. I "did" Ty's Algonquin project. Not all of it though. Not even most of it. I actually only wrote over his pencilled in words with a Sharpie marker. But in my book that's too much. I'm a sink-or-swim-do-your-homework kind of mom. I have a friend who will stay up till 3am doing her kid's project the night before it's due. No way jose that's what I say. But I broke my own rule for Ty and did some of the finishing touches for him. But it's done. And he stopped freaking out and was happy.

The best part of our day in the city was the drive home. I have a size 10 lead foot. I get a speeding ticket at least once a year but somehow, my license is clean. At least the cop who pulled me over on our way to the city thinks so. Lucky... I guess. We had dinner at Bruce's restaurant yum and he rode home with us. The kids fell asleep, and we were talking about nothing of any consequence. But I realized I wasn't speeding. I was actually under the speed limit. Cause I didn't want to get home too soon. It was so lovely to just spend easy comfy quiet time with my husband, that I wanted to make it last. It's been so long since we've enjoyed each other's company. And it's so nice to know that those years of enjoyment we had in the beginning were the real deal. And we have it again.

Happy Friday the 13!!!


  1. I love the peace of a car full of sleeping kids, though if I'm the one driving there's usually a snoring husband as well.

    Now I want cake and icecream!

    Happy FF :-)

  2. Clementines and raspberries are definitely a favorite! :)

    I love that you averted the meltdown with cake and ice cream for dinner - I'm SO going to try that next time Princess Nagger has a school melt down! ;)

    I'm a 'sink-or-swim' mom with the homework thing, too - though if Princess Nagger asks (nicely) for help, I'll help her... ;) She has a big project to do that's due the first of December - building a model of our house. That's going to be a big challenge, luckily the instructions for the project are to have the parents help. Wonder how much of it she will actually end up doing? (grin!!)

    Nothing quite like a car with sleeping kids...I tend to go below the speed limit to enjoy those quiet moments with hubby, too! ;)

    Happy FF! :)

  3. You rock, Mom. :) Cake & ice cream for dinner. My mom used to make us hot cocoa and peanut butter sandwiches on days like that. Yum!

  4. I hate group projects! Sorry his partner was a weak link. Your dinner idea? Fantastic! And kudos to you for making your kids' lives just a little easier and happier this week :)

  5. "Sometimes you just have to say 'what the fuck?'"
    Or, as they say in the French, "La-di-dah."
    (That's what I say anyway.)

  6. My kids hardly ever sleep in the car. In fact once they notice they are tired they go into screaming fits........When we go to my parents house, it's a 2 hour scream fest. We don't normally go too far.

  7. Michelle,
    If I didn't have my own Moms, or I couldn't have Ms. Moon for a mother (she's on a wait list--everybody wants her for a mother), you'd be my next pick. You are a wonderful mom! Your kids are SO lucky.

    I have size-10 feet, too, baby, and they are also made of lead.

    Love you. Glad you are so happy with your life.


  8. A little indulgence can be good for all. My husband and I ate chocolate chip cookie cake for breakfast every single morning of our honey moon. Years later, that's one of my favorite memories... I'll bet your kids will treasure that treat!

  9. Yum... raspberries and clementines! I love the first, my daughter loves the second!


  10. Yet another reason to re-think homework, especially partner projects - ugh!
    Here via Friday Fragments.

  11. Yup-what the fuck. Guess what we are having for dinner tonight? Thanks for hte tip; everyone has just been wound a little too tight lately about lots of things, and this sounds like just the ticket.

    : ) to the real deal.

  12. I read the section about speeding a few times. I still can't figure out why the police officer went to dinner with you.

    I've had cake and ice cream for dinner. It's a highlight of the week usually :)

    Kristin - The Goat

  13. I'm pretty happy about clementines too!

    I think your meltdown aversion technique was a great idea!

  14. I'm a size 10 lead foot, too... but have managed to stay speeding ticket free!

    You're a GREAT mom! You rock- seriously! Your cake and ice cream and chip dinner reminds me of a time I took my kids for McD's after my daughter'd had a day filled with time outs and bad choices at daycare. As I explained to her (after she questioned why I was getting them food from a restaurant I really don't like at all), I told her that when I've had a bad day, an off day, and nothing is going my way, sometimes I just need someone to show me they care and show me some kindness. McD's for the kdis was my way of being a soft place for my daughter.

    So I think you totally rock and I love how in tune with your kids you are!

  15. Re: the cake and ice cream for dinner--I agree, when the chips are really down, Fuck The Rules!!!

    I'm glad you guys still have The Real Deal...that's awesome.

  16. I love that you offered to wipe the butt of my beloved pink salamder!! I can't wait to see that!!

    Hallie :)

  17. Happy Birthday, you wonderful, wise, beauty of a woman! (Your sister told me.)
    I hope you are having the very, very best of days. I wish I'd known beforehand.
    Kisses and hugs from me from Florida. Thank-you for being born, thank-you for writing.
    All love....Mary

  18. I love this. Every word. The twitching eye, the "fuck it" dinner. Everything. David Sedaris, one of my favorite writers, tells a story about his brother and his "fuck it bucket." It's a bucket of candy you give people during a crisis. He writes that he brother says, "Sometimes, you've just gotta say "fuck it" and eat some motherfucking candy." Hilarious and oh-so-crude.

    Which is exactly how you feel on days like this.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  19. When I was little sometimes we would be driving home and the feeling was so wonderful that I wouldn't want the ride to end. It's nice.

  20. I read the last paragraph twice, it was so nice. It was a fleeting thought you had but a powerful one, and I'm glad you wrote about it.

    Going over your kids letters with a Sharpie is minor. I currently have a parent who does ALL of his son's work, and it really pisses me off. The kid comes in and gets offended when I don't believe his lies about writing so eloquently when he's 11 years old and can barely write a sentence in school. GRRRRR.

    Love your menu planning; I'd love to come for dinner some time :)

    Holy crap-Princess Nager has to build a model of her house for a second grade class project?! WTH?!

  21. I don't believe in parents doing the kids project, but a little assistance is ok.

    Love your dinner.

    And I believe I invented the "sometimes you just have to say WTF" when I was teen! You can use it now, I don't anymore :-)


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