"ignore the story. see the soul. remember to love. you will never regret it" --- Seane Corn

"ignore the story. see the soul. remember to love. you will never regret it" --- Seane Corn
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Friday, December 11, 2009

Friday Fragments 14 days and counting

Friday Fragments
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Turns out Jack wanted to get me a radar tracker for Christmas. We used to call them fuzz busters. Apparently he brought this up with Bruce, who informed Jack that he was pretty sure radar trackers are illegal in our state. Jack says we gotta do something so she stops getting speeding tickets.

Some strange Christmas Faerie infected me and now we're hosting Christmas. Which if you know me is quite something. Luckily, I have a few days off before The Big Day, so maybe I'll get the house clean. Entertaining is always a good excuse/opportunity to get into all the nooks n crannies that hold the melted butter masquerading as dust bunnies and grime. Spent Wednesday's snow day scrubbing molding and trim.
Good times.

And speaking of Christmas decor, did you ladies really think I was SERIOUS about Barbra and her Jingle Bells?
I know my house is crazy looking, but if I was motivated enough to deck my outside halls, it might be more along the line of sitar music and Moroccan hanging lanterns. Bruce says our house looks like the inside of Jeannie's bottle. I always loved the idea of living in that bottle. And he and I both agree Jeannie was HOT.

If I get it together enough to decorate outside, I'll post

So Jack's school had a food drive for our local pantry. The class collecting the most cans received a 25$ prize and a whole bunch of school recognition. Jack's class won, and they were totally stoked. They decided to have a pizza party with the prize money. One of the mom's offered to pay for the pizza if the kids donated the 25$ to the pantry. Which of course they did. When their teacher called one of the six pizzerias in our little town, and told the story of her awesome can collecting students, pizza man oh so generously offered to give them a break on the tax. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? Those kids dragged 305 cans and boxes of food in, were totally motivated, and dumb pizza guy is offering to drop the 6.75% sales tax??? jerk So the students, being the smart and savvy kids they are, yelled BOYCOTT!!!! So that's what we're doing. And the next pizzeria they called knocked 60% off their pizza party bill. There you go.

My Week in Review

Mia spills an entire bowl of cheerios between the leather couch cushions. More rotten milk in my creases.

45 minutes on line at the Walmart pharmacy for my thyroid medication.

snow day
shoot me
But the kids did all the shoveling. Before I was even out of bed. Awesome kids.

Ty's home sick, another day blown.

Ty's learning about explorers.
Today he asked me if people thought the world was flat when I was born.
Ty, honey, Christopher Columbus sailed in 1492. That was like almost 500 years before I was born.
Oh. quizzical blank stare. My favorite explorer is Giovanni daVerranzano. He was eaten by cannibals on the island of Guadalupe. He was Italian. And Samuel deChamplain. Where does it sound like he's from? I don't remember. And they don't know when Hendrik Hudson was born but he left the Netherlands and sailed for England. He died in 1611. Was that when you were... ...wait... 16?...19?... 16?...
1963 Ty. I was born in 1963. I wasn't alive when those explorers sailed.

He's also been known to ask me if there was electricity, did people still live in caves, and were there cars or just horses when I was born. Seriously.

Happy Friday!


  1. For whatever reason, my son's class never wins those contest things and he always gets all upset about it. He's not a very competitive kid in general, but somehow losing a pizza party/ice cream party/ other food related class party really gets him upset. Never mind that we usually only send in like two box tops/cans/whatever they are collecting at the time.

  2. Spilled milk...and cheerios! I can only imagine.

    Love the name Jack, which was Sam's original name. I made the change very last minute and was just telling him the story this week!

    Happy FF!!

  3. That's funny that Jack wanted to get you a fuzz buster for Christmas to 'help' you with your speeding ticket woes... ;)

    Holidays and having people over really do inspire the mega-clean mode, doesn't it? Maybe I should host something so I'll get my house sparkling... ;)

    Jeannie was hot! Hopefully you'll post pictures if you do the outside lights! ;)

    Love that the kids boycotted the pizza places that only offered to knock off the tax - I bet the pizza place that knocked 60% off the bill will get way more business. And way to go for Jack's class! That's an impressive number!

    I'm still laughing over Jack thinking you were around during the whole 'world is flat' time. At least he's not asking if you were around during the dinosaur age like PN has asked me. ;)

    Happy FF! :)

  4. Happy Fragment Friday... I always wanted to live in a bottle too, I loved I Dream of Jeannie!

    We are hosting Christmas Eve - 12 people, not alot but we live in a 3 bedroom apartment.. togetherness!

    How awesome that the kids won the prize, donated the money, decided to boycott the 1st pizza man, and that the 2nd was so generous!

  5. Love the radar tracker!! How freakin' funny!! But jjust how often are you getting tickets??? :)


  6. Smart kids know how to get. it. done. Good for them!!!

    I dream of living in Jeannie's bottle. It must be so quiet it in there, and I'm certain my 3 year old can't fit!

  7. I wanted to live in that bottle too! Awesome charity story. Sorry about the spilled milk and snow days. I get Nothing! done with both kids home. My kids who think I am a fossil, a dinosaur. It's my own fault for trying to explain pong to them, and that we did not have computers or calculators or cd's or microwaves when I was a kid. But caves? Too funny. Happy friday, and good luck with the holiday preparations. I'm starting to panic a little!

  8. is hubby watching out for you or his pocket book with the radar detector?

  9. Yeah, when I tell kids that when I was young there were no cell phones, or personal computers, or I-Pods (I remember when Walkmans debuted!), or cordless phones (heck, we were on a party line), or remote controls (we only had a tiny black-and-white TV and my younger brother was born for the task of changing channels for me), or microwaves, or DVDs, or CDs ... once I start thinking of all the things that have developed in my memory, no wonder they think I lived without electricity before the invasion of this continent!

    Might be time to do a timeline with Ty. :)

  10. Kids are great for the ego, aren't they?



  11. My cousin asked her mother what the middle ages were like.

  12. I'm not sure I agree with you on Jenie. Yes, she has a great body, but I always thought her face was a little... hmmm, how to put this nicely?... mannish :)


  13. I'm glad the kids found a pizzeria willing to be a little more generous!

    I have come to realize that the concept of the passage of a LOT of time isn't too clear when you're little *L*

  14. I used to be a DJ at a small market radio station and it was so so so nice because one morning, one COLD ICY morning, I was talking about how it's too cold to do anything so everyone should call Domino's and order pizza because nothing beats pizza on a cold icy morning. Anyway, I said something along the lines of "Just make sure to tip the pizza man really well because he's risking his life so you don't have to risk yours"

    Well Domino's was actually listening (I really did it because I was really wanting one of my friends who I knew was listening to drive over and deliver me some grub) and the manager calls me and wants to know what kind of wings and pizza I liked. He also delivered a salad and soda too! That was awesome!

    Can't wait till my kids think I'm as old as the dinosaurs. Funny stuff!

  15. I loved Jeannie's bottle...and Jeannie! She is a little hottie! For years I have wanted to be her for Halloween but my stomach never cooperates like I wish it would for the outfit! Maybe someday.

    Loved when you said "Snow Day...shoot me now."

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  16. My great-grandparents didn't have an inside toilet in 1963.

  17. Please send that Christmas Faerie my way. I am in great need of it.

  18. Well, that's simply ridiculous! (And I'm not just saying that because I was born in 1963, too.)

    Yea on Snow Days!

    I have to say, I think that FF button looks awesome on your page. (Seriously; it just looks gorgeous.)

    I cannot stand it when people in retail (or pizza places) are so controlled that they lose their common sense. Pure stupidity. Way to go, kids!! :)

  19. Bust that fuzz! And goooooo kids!!

  20. Maybe you should get the tracker even if it is against the law. I mean you speed and it's against the law, too.

  21. I loved Jeannie's bottle and I wanted Samantha's (from Bewitched) powers.

    Happy Beltaed FF

  22. Snow Day = Shoot Me. Totally.

  23. MICHELLE!!!!!

    when did you get to be so damn smart and funny?! eegads woman.

    thanks for your last comment. thanks.


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