"ignore the story. see the soul. remember to love. you will never regret it" --- Seane Corn

"ignore the story. see the soul. remember to love. you will never regret it" --- Seane Corn
it's a jungle out there

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Holiday Junk Mail

Do you ever wonder how you get on
certain mailing lists?
Especially at this time of year.


Now, no offense to hunters and shooters
unless you're shooting people
but we're not the shooting types

which is probably a good thing

And although there's a part of me
that would
love love love
a freezer full of venison or wild boar
the epitome of local and organic
procured by my husband

I don't think Bruce will
soon be out hunting

Bruce balked at the idea
of slaughtering our chickens

but even if he
bit the bullet
so to speak
and hunted for our dinner
he certainly
would never
become a member of
the NRA

So how did this land in our mailbox?

last chance to become
a member

I'm sure our babysitter
did a double take
at the refrigerator door


Bruce could really use that
promotional NRA duffel bag
'tho I think he might get
some funny looks
from other commuters
on the Manhattan bound train


that orange refrigerator magnet?
swag from a drug rep
pushing ADHD meds
which, I guess is important
if you're a gun toting member of the NRA
and inattentive

let that be a lesson to you,
Dick Cheney

Merry Christmas


  1. Lol. Great post. Thanks for making me giggle.

  2. My father once had a friend that took the liberty of buying him a rifle and a lifelong membership to the NRA...this was in AZ, pre-waiting periods and background checks, etc.

    Boundaries? I mean, it's kind of a personal purchase, I would think. It's not like a picture frame.

  3. Mr. Moon and our son-in-law are going to clean and package two deer tomorrow and I have already told him I need meat for soup. And yet- he is NOT a member of the NRA. He ain't that organized. He doesn't want to join, he just wants to go get meat. And I keep telling him I want a wild boar! So far, no wild pig in my freezer but if it ever happens, I will be a happy woman.

  4. HAHAH! My husband is....right now....proccessing our vension in our kitchen. He's not a memebr of the NRA...he also, is not that organized!

  5. I love your post-it. Nice touch. :-)

  6. That picture is wonderful. You are so thoughtful.


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