"ignore the story. see the soul. remember to love. you will never regret it" --- Seane Corn

"ignore the story. see the soul. remember to love. you will never regret it" --- Seane Corn
it's a jungle out there

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

a little of this and a little of that

Fat Niles on Fat Tuesday in his Gras Beads
he looks happy, no?

I've never been one to give up something for Lent
but many are writing about just that today.

I've thought about it.
I will try my best to give up


and my family
will benefit from my sacrifice

I don't think
god wants us to be miserable

god just wants us to make a joyful noise
and be happy

2 hour delay
next thing I know
they're out there
shoveling away

I have awesome kids

Mia did my hair
she and Ty declared it looks BEAST
that's midget-speak
for so cool and amazing
not sure I agree
Mia said
now all I have to do is dress you

that's what I'm talkin' about

the part about how all the US dollars
flooding in
has completely devalued
the Haitian dollar
really knocked me for a loop



  1. You look gorgeous Chica! and Mia is right, just let see what she does as your fashion consultant.
    Now another subject: I told B.Loved that is still a mystery to me why right after the earthquake the world markets didn't suspend the Haitian dollar at the value it had before the earthquake. Once the emergency was past in a couple of months if not a year, it could be brought back at the same price as it was at the time of the earthquake. I just don't understand this anymore than anyone who believes what is happening is truly wrong could, I guess. So you are victimized once by a fury of Nature and then greed comes to take its pound of flesh as well?
    Sad, unfair and just truly inhuman.

  2. Love the hairdo!

    Forgot all about Lent. I never give anything up, but those things on your list, I could do well with giving up...

    I think I might have nightmares about your cat.

  3. fat niles looks pissed, to say the least.

    i wish i had a girl so we could do each others hair.

    no, i don't think god wants us to be miserable. he really doesn't. i don't think i am obligated to give anything up for lent since i am currently in a state of religious transition. although, the things you are giving up sound pretty good to me. if only i could wave my magic wand and be a calmer person.

  4. BEAST! My kids have no interest in my hair. I think it's cause I could care less if they mess with it all the time. They'd only want to do it if I didn't want them to. Does that make sense?

    But instead of hair they're constantly wanting to do my nails. Which I hate. Or they want to do each others nails and they want me to hang out with them while they do it. Also hate that, but not as much. That nail crap stinks.

  5. Oh Michelle thank you so much for posting that about Ruuska House. I will watch it bit by bit (as study breaks).

    I'm feeling compelled to be active in the Haitian crisis ... last night's research led me to feeling so overwhelmed. The crisis is so huge and has been going on so long, and what can just *I* do? But then I see this woman and I believe again. So once I get over this darned bar exam I will sort out how I can best help. So, thank you. And thanks for the link to the Rage - just glancing at her blog it looks great!

    BTW, if you posted something after the video of Ruuska House, there's just a big blank space with a little red X. At least on my computer.

    And, BTW, it was a really truly fantastic Mardi Gras yesterday in the city. Funny how the Saints victory just really lifts people up, but it really made me realize how far New Orleans has rebuilt since I first came here four years ago. It would even put a smile on Niles' face. Really.

  6. It does look "Beast!" Giggle.

    I love, love, love that picture of your disgruntled looking cat!

  7. You and your girl are like twins. Beautiful twins.

  8. It is very "Beast". (I'm stealing that term.) You really do look great.

    As far as Haiti goes: well, SHIT. I'm on board with Allegra.

  9. Totally beast. And, as my kids would have said about 6 months ago, totally dope, which is about the same thing. Beautiful post, beautiful you.

  10. Giving up:
    And Michelle- you are so beautiful.

  11. you and your family are SO gorgeous! so glad to have found your blog :) thanks for visiting mine!

  12. I think our cats could trade grump looks...


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