"ignore the story. see the soul. remember to love. you will never regret it" --- Seane Corn

"ignore the story. see the soul. remember to love. you will never regret it" --- Seane Corn
it's a jungle out there

Thursday, February 25, 2010

snow bound and cabin fever

Yet another snow day. shoot me

We spent the morning in bed watching morning television

watched The View with the boys. Today's show is about infertility. Dr Infertility Guy says by age 30 you've lost 90% of your eggs. By 40 you only have 3% left.
Both boys look at me...
mom you only have 3% of your eggs left.
Oh honestly you guys. I had all of you way after I was 30
Yeah but now you only have a few left.
It's ok guys. I don't need anymore eggs. If I want more eggs I'll go to Key Food

How can Nutella be advertised as a nutritionally dense food?

Commercial for The Oscars. I love the Oscars.

not that i've gotten to the movies this year...but...whatever.
The boys notice that Steve Martin is looking old. I don't think so, he just looks like Steve Martin.
He's not that old. Maybe 60.
Ty says right mom, well... you're 56 so of course 60 doesn't seem old to you...wait... are you 56 or 46?
here we go again.
Jack cracks up She's 56. 56. Mom is 56. smartass

Jimmy Dean Breakfast Bowls. gross

Frosted Miniwheats. Chocolate flavored. a great source of fiber


Barbara Walters needs to retire. there. i said it


it's one o'clock

i'm still in my pajamas

the kids are making more tie dyed napkins

the snow has been coming down like crazy for 5 hours

the damn dog, who HATES the cold and HATES being wet, still won't go out
if that dog poops or pees in the house, i'm gonna be mad

blah blah blah

all this snow is making me a wee bit grumpy

and cold

and stir crazy

Bruce went to down to the restaurant, in the snow, and left me this note...

...a little while later...

I opened the box and smelled...

olive oil???

do you know what this is?

it's an OLIVE TREE!

how amazing is that?

and love songs to boot

the kids were so excited

they love witnessing the romance

Mia kept asking me if I was gonna cry

not even happy tears, mommy?

Mia honey, I'm not gonna cry... dontcha see the SMILE on my face?


I called Bruce. He'll be home early.

I made a summertime dinner to go with my olive tree

local chicken with 40 cloves of garlic


local sour cherry puff something

they were supposed to be turnovers but I screwed up the puff pastry and it ended up looking like a ginormous pop tart. but it was still yummy

Then I got into the shower and shaved my legs and armpits.

and that's all I'm gonna say about THAT

happy happy snow day


  1. Clone him! one in a million, well, maybe two in a million - and with Mr.Moon, three in a million - but still. I am happy for you, I grew up with olive trees and laid down under the silver leaves and watched the sky and life is really, really good by an olive tree. They like their feet dry and poor soil to grow well. Keep it in a pot so you can bring it in and out. I am happy for you.

  2. NICE...Uncle Brucie get's some serious points for that one. I hope all that (otherwise unnecessary) shaving (and showering, for that matter) didn't go to waste...

  3. HAVE AT IT!!!!!

    at first I thought I'd get through one of your blogs without tears & then you blind sided me ...SMH . . . you guys are awesome

  4. Mr.4444 cleaned the whole kitchen AND vacuumed on Thursday night; I shaved everything today... :) Hope it's stopped snowing.

  5. oh wow! I was already just loving your writing and conversations with kids and then the note and the present coming and WOW! An Olive tree and love songs? Come ON! No way.
    My mouth is still agape.
    What fun. What romance. Love it!!!!!
    I might even be enticed to have for that kind of man!


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