"ignore the story. see the soul. remember to love. you will never regret it" --- Seane Corn

"ignore the story. see the soul. remember to love. you will never regret it" --- Seane Corn
it's a jungle out there

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

X-wated Twosday

warning: this has some totally adult content. I'm gonna try to phrase and allude in a way that protects us from creepy google searches. The whole thing just cracked me up...

So. As I've said before, Bruce and I are sometimes like two ships passing in the night. It's been a particularly long and dark night over the last 2 weeks, as his sous chef has been on vacation. He's worked 13 of the last 14 days. And his days are super long. Typically in times like this, we text a lot. Sad but true.

A few Sundays ago in the insanity of pancakes, cello lessons, sleep overs, and catch up, I asked him if he knew about "tea parties". We used to talk for hours about social and political issues. Not so much anymore. It puts both of us over the edge. So in an attempt to preserve our limited quality time, we stay away from the frustrating stuff.

Well. I was tired of talking about the kids. Sue me. So in the midst of Sunday Morning Insanity I said something like have you heard about tea parties?

B: tea parties?
M: I dunno. tea parties. tea bagging. tea something...
B: looks at me kinda funny where have you heard about it?
M: it's been for a while... you know I'm so unplugged... I really should know more about it... a lot of people have been talking about it...

then I burned the pancakes or something

Flash forward to Friday. We're both at work, running like idiots, trying to touch base via texts

B: Really looking forward to monday. more later. Did you find out about tea b*gging?
M: No. Other than sarah palin saying stupid things @ one. Ty's lesson was changed to monday.
B: do you know tea b*ggin'?
M: Don't know tea b*gging I'm still thinking tea parties and why is he stuck on this anyway?
B: Did you not ask me a few days ago about it?
M: I did. What are they?
B.: OK. I thought tea b*ggin was either when someone gives **** to a woman *** *** *** *** OR when a man **** **** **** ***. Where did you hear about it?
M: no. NO NO NO. TEA PARTIES!. Some ultra conservative take back the country from Obama Limbaugh Beck creepy thing.
B: oops. I guess I misunderstood the question.... sorry

I don't know what he thought about my Sarah Palin reference. Must think I surf political p*rn in my spare time.

As Sister Halona said OH MY DOG


  1. We're all dirty girls. Except you were unintentionally dirty.

  2. Dunno, maybe he thinks Palin is sexy and he can totally see the connection ;)

    Watch the John Waters movie Pecker for a good explanation of tea b*gging.

  3. Uh what does that make me that not only do Harrison and I know what tea bagging is- but we frequently joke about it....almost peed our pants when we heard that the new political movement was filled with "teabaggers".
    and given what a "marvericky policitcal ho" Sarah Palin is- would it really be surprising if she were at a true teabagging party?

  4. Of course Sarah Palin would say something stupid, even when getting tea bagged. It's right in character.

  5. At least he didn't toally misunderstand you... or maybe that would have been a good thing... he might have come rushing home for a little teabagging of his own... bwahahahah!

  6. Well, I just had a very interesting Google search. Thank you for that! :-)

  7. There's a great Anderson Cooper clip from when the "tea parties" first came out and they were talking about tea bagging and nobody could keep a straight face. "It's hard to talk when you're tea bagging." Yes, yes it is. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2009/04/15/anderson-cooper-its-hard_n_187318.html

  8. Ha! I heard about Tea Bagging from Sex And The City, which is a good place for sexual education of the elderly.
    I love that y'all text. Mr. Moon and I do not. It would not be as funny as y'all's, I fear.

  9. Just learned about that today from Aunt Becky's blog. Ha ha ha...I think it was her blog.

  10. Well, Aunt Becky IS our resident authority on All These Things. Rodney and I rely on text, but mostly for things like "I'm in a meeting and can't talk now" or the grocery list. Anyone who has teenaged or young adult kids can tell you they text more than they talk. Including with you. So you get to be a pretty snappy texter, even if you're old, like me. :)

  11. tee hee! i'm a dirty birdy and know all about tea bagging, dirty sanchez's and tossing of the salad.. maybe not all from personal experience but anyhoo....


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