"ignore the story. see the soul. remember to love. you will never regret it" --- Seane Corn

"ignore the story. see the soul. remember to love. you will never regret it" --- Seane Corn
it's a jungle out there

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sundays In My City: Valentine's Day Edition

Brought to you by Unknown Mami
who has a GINORMOUS heart
seriously, she does

Unknown Mami

This is at the other end of Main St

It's an old hat factory
Back in the day, this was the largest
hat manufacturer
in the country
or something like that

there's ongoing debate
as to whether this building
should be renovated
into luxury condos

for now it displays banners
created by local artists

it's pretty awesome
and one of the many things
that makes me love our town

Happy Valentine's Day
Big Puffy Hearts to you all...


  1. This lifted my heart (more than just a little). I hope this is not converted into luxury condos.

    Thanks for the bit of sunlight. :)

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  2. Well, if it was converted to luxury condos, it would be a cool place to live.
    Happy Valentine's, Michelle. Sending sweet velvet love hearts your way.

  3. It's terrific! I'll bet a lot of people look forward to driving/riding past this every day.

  4. I kinda hope they don't make condos out of that..it's beautiful the way it is with all the banners!

  5. love the artwork and i love old factories,

    here you'll see why


    personally i think if they renovate it it will be good anyway!

  6. Love that. I need a "You are Beautiful" banner for my less-than-awesome days.

  7. I love poster art, and those are fantastic. A great puffy heart back at you!

  8. You are right-- The art is awesome and so gorgeous on the building. I wish more cities did things like this-- Imagine how much more appealing areas could be with MORE art! Love it.

    Happy Valentine's Day. Thanks for sharing your city.

  9. Oh my word. I just love this! So great. So much character. And you know what else I loved? Reading that I was beautiful today.

    You are beautiful too! What a great thing to remember!

  10. Oh, this is divine. Love the banners. Thanks for sharing. Happy Valentine's to you too. Hope you got lots of crayon hearts!

  11. Would they ever think about affordable housing where maybe artists could live there, one that is interesting and dynamic, and may, just may enhance the community instead of destroying buildings and creating yet another gentrified area while this one has a beautiful aura of art and beautification already? Sorry, it pains me when old, beautiful and meaningful buildings that helped created a community in the past are simply discarded. Or is it me the only one who looks at the world this way?

  12. There are so many beautiful places everywhere around the US. Thanks for sharing!

  13. That would be so sad to convert it into luxury condos as then only rich folk could live there and this old building would be torn down. That would not be cool at all!!!

  14. I love the pictures of the building. They are awesome! I like old buildings though, because they show so much more character.

    Too bad they don't convert it to an art museum.

  15. Someone must have thought about putting all the wonderful banners. It is lovely to see and read but I think it is temporary. If they could just renovate the building into a condo that would be awesome. It'll be a worthwhile conservation.

  16. The banners are cool partly because they wouldn't have to be destroyed if they did rennovate the place. I don't know what side of the debate you are on (pro-banner?), but I hate to see empty buildings.

  17. That building is the shit, man.

    Love, SB

  18. By the way, like the sign says, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!

  19. Love that building. Hope they don't ruin it by turning it into condos.


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