"ignore the story. see the soul. remember to love. you will never regret it" --- Seane Corn

"ignore the story. see the soul. remember to love. you will never regret it" --- Seane Corn
it's a jungle out there

Thursday, January 14, 2010

I have no words

I'm trying to find the words.
It's hard today.

Liz gave me an award. She's so sweet.
It's a when life gives you lemons award
She makes good lemonade.
She says I make good lemonade too.

I try.

But today, it's hard

There's always more lemonade to be made, but I'm feeling right now like I'm not making enough.
Haiti needs help making lemonade goddammit and I feel like I don't have enough fucking water and sugar for all the lemons life has given them.


I'm trying to keep Ms. Moon's words in mind. She always has such good words...

The lemonade button is now in my sidebar, to remind me to keep squeezing and stirring and adding water and sugar.

Speaking of water... check out that water button. It's a good one. Every penny donated goes straight to digging wells. No parties, no limos, no bullshit.
All that is paid for by other means.

Back to lemonade...
It's not so easy to make lemonade. First the juice squirts in your eyes and makes you cry. Then you have to swallow the sourness. It gives you a belly ache. Sometimes you bite down on those bitter seeds. And you might overcompensate with too much goddamn sugar and then your teeth just fucking ache.

And then you add clean, clear, cleansing water.

Eventually, if you keep trying, maybe you can balance the sour with the sweet. And if you're really lucky, you have friends who will taste-test and give guidance.

There are some bloggers out there
who make great lemonade
and inspire me to do the same.

Never fear, this is a no pressure award.
If you feel like passing it on, do so.
I pass it on as an acknowledgment of your profound honesty and hard work and optimism.
I pass it on as a thank-you

Ms. Moon
Nancy C
jody r landers
Allegra Smith
Sarcastic Bastard

Big puffy heart to you all


  1. Great blogs, you do all do that, make lemoaide out of lemons.
    Thanks for the drink.

  2. Oh Mel, we are all pulling together except for the morons out there on tv - which may be the reason we haven't watched tv in over 20 years and counting - the talking heads without hearts spewing their own brand of venom and ignorance, taking advantage of any situation to advance their hatred agenda.

    It is hard today, very hard, I agree. But there are also a whole slew of compassionate people, and we should focus on that. Thank you for the award, I will take it even if I don't deserve it. I so appreciate your presence in my life and I hope you know that. The Sisterhood of the Lemonade Makers. Yes sir, that's us alright.
    Take care and hugs from here.

  3. Chica, forgive me I was thinking of Mel and instead of Michelle I wrote Mel. Can you tell my head is somewhere else, where my heart is right now?

  4. Thank you so much! I love your blog and I've loved getting to know you through it. Keep making lemonade!

  5. Oh, sweetie. Thanks so much. You would be surprised what a cool drink of refreshing water this space is for so many people.

  6. I love you, Birthday Buddy! I've been gone for SO long and STILL you remembered me. And here's some truth - this is the first post other than Dawn's that I've read since Thanksgiving. YOU inspire ME!

    I LOVE this award! My fave EVER!

    Frozen kisses - Windy

  7. Wow- thanks sweet lady! You beautiful blog inspiring lady you. Such a gift to have you in class practicing with me!
    my love to you!!!!
    See you sat I hope-

  8. Thank you, Michelle. I am honored. You are very dear to me.

    Love you,


  9. The Church of the Batshit crazy believes strongly in lemonade and sometimes, we add a little vodka. Thank you, sweet beloved sister woman.

  10. Lemonade with vodka- heaven!

    I love when an award is accepted with such depth. Thank you for that- and keep making refreshing beverages!!

  11. Thanks for this....

    Haiti has been weighing heavily on me too.

    My friend who lost family is returning to work tomorrow, and though I've talked to her, I'm dreading seeing her cause I'm gonna burst into tears... I feel so helpless.

    Gonna click that water button now...


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