"ignore the story. see the soul. remember to love. you will never regret it" --- Seane Corn

"ignore the story. see the soul. remember to love. you will never regret it" --- Seane Corn
it's a jungle out there

Friday, January 1, 2010

first friday fragments: 2010

it's gonna be a good year

hope everyone is happy and home and not too hungover

cheers to Mrs 4444

I won't live in fear. A laugh in the face of pandemics. I scoff at hamthrax, pigeon flu, and germs in general. I've never purchased anything that remotely resembles disinfectant. I resent carseats, seat belts, and being told my 7 year old can't sit in the front seat cause if the airbag deploys she'll get squished like a grape. Terrorist threat? Are you fucking kidding me? Bah! But shit like this scares me. And on top of it, I'm reading a kid's book about this very thing. Maybe I have control issues. Wadaya think?

There's all sorts of wailing and gnashing of teeth at my house. I just announced we're LOSING THE CABLE BOXES. That's it. Only basic cable starting next week. I was ready to can it all except internet of course, cause we realized the ridiculous amount of money we spend on media shit. Phone, cable, internet, texting, netflix. It goes on and on. And I'm so ambivalent about it all. Every other day I threaten to throw the tv out the window. So I was ready to almost totally unplug. Then the nice optimum guy cut my bill IN HALF. It's astounding they can even make a profit. ha ha. Still, Jack is already in a cold sweat and shaking at the idea of no cable.

Rock. Band. So much better than tv. It's really fun, and I'm not even a game person. Beatles Rockband is awesome cause we love the music. Regular Rockband is a hoot cause you make a band and go on tour. We each have our own persona. Jack is a big black dude with a huge afro and an orange pick in it. He's the drummer. Ty's on guitar. He's a big white dude with a blonde mohawk. It's so funny how they see themselves. Same parentage, but identify so differently. hmmm... My character is Chica. Lead singer. Long dreadlocks on top of my head, thigh high boots and shortie shorts. my thighs should look so good. I bought the boots and shorts after we made some money rockin a few gigs. Jack says I look hawt. Our fans love our Hungry Like the Wolf, Spirit in the Sky, and We Got the Beat covers. The band is doing so well we got a bus and have gigs in San Francisco, Seattle, L.A. and Austin. Pretty soon we'll have a Merch Girl. She'd better watch it around my boys....

More sticky stuff spilled on the computer keyboard. So I'm posting from Bruce's laptop. It's a pain cause it's a PC and I'm so spazzy with this stuff anyway. I was up till 3 a.m. redecorating. I'm so gonna regret that in a few hours... Just needed a change of pace, I guess. It's a little over the top. Looks like an easter basket, or grocery store cupcakes, or something else entirely too sticky and too sweet. Maybe the sugar will mask the *f bombs*.
I like a lot of visual stimulation. What can I say.

Almost done shrink wrapping Jeannie's Bottle. If any of you ladies have drafty windows, even a little leak, I highly recommend this. Some parts of our house are tight, but some parts not so much. I keep the thermostat pretty low, but even the kids have noticed a difference. Much more cozy and basically invisible. And super cheap and easy.

Gonna shrink wrap the damn keyboard with the leftovers.

Bruce is home safe and sound. And he reminded me there was ONE New Year's Eve we spent together. 10 years ago. Y2K. I don't remember if Dick Clark's rockin new year was cancelled, but a lot of NYC restaurants closed their doors. Just in case...
We have absolutely no recollection of what we did.

OK. New look for the new year. I'm flip flopping between the ridiculous and the sublime. what else is new? Does it give you a headache? Is it too distracting? Mia loves it of course. Bruce says it certainly demands your attention hmmm... Should I go demure and mature instead?
TELL ME THE TRUTH. My feelings won't be hurt...

Happy Happy Happy New Year


  1. i get to go first?!!! yippee!!!

    o.k...so, i thought you found some design format that revised the ground each time one opened the page. and i'm loving the phrase 'Same parentage, but identify so differently', because , well, i think the first reason is obvious, though the second reason is that (in my opinion) your blog has never looked like you.

    i think if your blog looked like you, it would wear extra layers and fur-lined boots, and maybe colors that look like they were dyed from things like onion skins(ochre) and beetles wings(blood red)and indigo(well, indigo of course).

    i think your ONLY recourse is to change the wallpaper EVERY time you post, and then it would always match the many faces of michelle.

    it would surprise me if you said that any of these themes really felt like you.

  2. I like the kicks you have on here! And I want to play Rockstar now. Sounds like some good times.

  3. I love the virtual you in your thigh-high boots. And that skanky merch girl? HELL NO!

  4. This blog template reminds me of the Partridge Family for some reason. Too much Rock Band? Nah. It's fresh. Like a daisy!
    Oh, honey. I'm so tired. But happy and home and not too hungover. So all is well.
    And you just decorate however you want!
    Happy New Years!
    Let's all be happy all this whole year. Okay?

  5. About you cutting down on cable. We have never had cable and are probably the last family on the face of this earth who don't have any form of cable/satellite/dish. We don't have a fancy television either so we have to have a converter box. If it's too windy, rainy, cloudy, or whatever.......it freezes up and doesn't work so we basically don't have TELEVISION on those days.

    But thank the LORD we do have internet!!!!!

    I love the little white and yellow flowers. Very pretty and feminine without being girlie.

    Happy New Year!

  6. Well, it IS pretty, and as long as you don't start belting out The Sound of Music hits, I won't worry too much about you.

    Sorry about the keyboard. Glad you're staying warm, and the Rockband scene sounds really fun. It beats "Half-Ton Mom," which is currently on our TV...

    Happy New Year!

  7. I like it. I don't think it's too distracting at all.

  8. P.S. we're cable-free and I never want to get it.

  9. I like it -- kooky and fun but full of meaningful, spiritual stuff. I especially like those quotes on the right sidebar.

  10. Chica, Chica, Chica (remember Chica Boom Boom? no, you are too young) I love the band and the outfit, but you need also a red boa to wrap around your neck and flip it back to the right.
    Just like Janis used to do.

    No cable here, no tv period. There is one somewhere in the attic, we haven't watched tv in twenty five years. One day I looked at it and it was so much mind waste in it that I turned it off and never turned it back on. Never missed it. Still don't. Too many books to read and such little time...Happy New Year darling, good health and happiness to all of you.

  11. We are about to move and I mentioned trying basic cable for a bit. My suggestion was met with boo's, hiss's picket signs and I'm pretty sure someone lobbed a rotten tomato in my direction...


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