"ignore the story. see the soul. remember to love. you will never regret it" --- Seane Corn

"ignore the story. see the soul. remember to love. you will never regret it" --- Seane Corn
it's a jungle out there

Thursday, January 28, 2010

What a week

Oh, where to begin?

maybe with the 127 spaghetti pots full of puke I've flushed down the toilet since Friday night...

or the 36 rolls of toilet paper we've gone through in the past 5 days...

or the Supreme Court's supremely fucked up decision...

or Howard Zinn's death he was a great man and lived a long life...

or Amy Goodman's interview with Michael Moore that I tried to embed but couldn't...
it's 42 minutes long, so you probably wouldn't have watched it anyway, but if your so inclined go here.

just published and saw that I did embed... will wonders never cease?

if you do go, check out her footage from Haiti just in case you're having too good a day

Or I could be positive, and begin with my success in rigging a wireless router and now the house is WIRELESS. Which is an enormous accomplishment for me, since as previously noted, I still can't figure out how to embed a video. The boys are shocked and amazed at their mom's mad skills. They now forgive me for doing away with cable. They blamed loss of cable for the world's ills the way I blame high fructose corn syrup for the demise of American life and the planet in general.

Bruce: we can get fish at Hannaford's
I make a face cause all I can picture are the little cards that say things like wild caught in Thailand or locally farmed and corn fed salmon not beef thank you very much
Bruce: well, where are we gonna buy fish?
Mia: we don't have cable so we can't buy fish.

Me: wadaya mean you hate the cello?
Ty: I hate it... I don't wanna do it anymore... it's boring!
Jack: Mom, I think he just wants a day to himself. It's like monday thru friday he has sucky school and then cello all morning on saturdays and his lesson on sundays and I think he just wants a day to relax. And you took away our cable so now it's only like old guys talking about politics and we know how much Ty cares about Obama's health care plan...

I got rid of cable and now we can't buy fish for dinner and Ty hates his cello...
But now wireless rocks our house and they can get internet on the Wii and they can watch Netflix on the tv and they're happy campers once again.

And with all my electronic rearranging we're saving a couple hundred dollars a month. How fucked up is that? And we're commercial free. It's actually much quieter here without cable. And instead of annoying ads I'm much more likely to hear Ty practicing The Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy. He really does love his cello. He just pitched that fit cause he was coming down with the stomach flu

Right. That's where this all started. It hit Mia like a mack truck Friday night. She heaved and yakked at least twice an hour until morning. No mess. No fuss. We had it down like Balanchine and Tchaikovsky. She would poke me. I'd wake up and grab the spaghetti pot. She'd heave and heave. Then I'd wipe her mouth and hand her some water and she'd rinse and spit. Then we'd both fall back to sleep until the next bout. She didn't cry. She didn't complain. She sucked it up. And when she was ready to eat 2 days later she ate canned pineapple. And exploded in awe and swore it was the most amazing pineapple she had ever had. Ever, mommy!

The boys men. Not so much. It hit all three of them Sunday night. I slept half the night on the bathroom floor with Jack. He's my vomiter. At one point Bruce charged the bathroom but couldn't get in cause our heads were pushed up against the door. He ran downstairs to find Ty in that bathroom and ran back up and hurdled not hurled thank god over us to get to the toilet just in time. Charming. And the moans and groans. Oh Lord. I'm sure there was a lot of excruciating pain involved. I just find it interesting that Mia didn't moan or complain once. She just sucked it up. Like we do.

Lucky for me I didn't get it. I have the immune system of a cockroach.
But I did get my period on Tuesday. Right on schedule.
The universe is abundant.


  1. My daughter is the same way. She just sucks it up when she is sick and only when she is extremely sick does my alarm bells go off because she gets mean. She gets really mean and...just plain old mean......Then when she's all feverish and throwing up in a bucket and I'm trying to wipe her face off she's all "I'm okay mom. Just leave me alone" She's so tough!!!

    My son....he's been through so much, but seriously if there is even a speck of sun in the sky and we are riding in the car he screams his head off because it's too bright outside.

  2. Sometimes I wish Mr. Moon were more typical about illness. He's so stoic. Once he almost died because he just wouldn't stop when he had an infection that needed emergency surgery. It's nice that he doesn't complain but it means I can't complain when I'm sick either. Luckily, neither one of us hardly ever is. We're cockroaches too.

  3. This made ME want to puke, and also made me glad all we had was upper respiratory stuff. :)

  4. Sounds like you've been through a lot the last few days- I hope it's calming down for you.

  5. "The universe is abundant" You slay me.

    Stay healthy, family. You have certainly earned some good karma here.

  6. Can you ever make spaghetti in that pot again?
    I'm waiting to see if my sick girl is going to start hurling. The creche thought she might.

  7. Jesus, Michelle, what a week. Poor you. Taking care of an entire sick family is exhausting.

    Glad you did not get it. Hope the weekend is better.

    Love you.

  8. I am on my 9th load of puked on laundry as I type..sad thing is, though, WE DO NOT HAVE A WASHER AND DRYER IN OUR HOME.

    Lord help me...please let the puking be over...

    good luck to you too..and the no cable? LOVE IT.

  9. Chica, it is in the women's DNA, we are prepared for childbirth since who knows when. I am sorry about the youngs and sickness, and I am too got a horrible depression on top of everything else about the five morons who are Supremes. Only another of their kind would have put them there. "We the corporations"? are they going to change that too? Sick, sicker actually than the kids. And no "pesketti" pan for that one is big enough.

    Hang in there, Spring is coming. You can quote me, hugs from here.

  10. i'm with halona...

    remember how much we used to love spaghetti and meatballs? remember how much NAPOLEAN loved meatballs?

    thank the abundant universe that you don't have the same ocd about the children's wireless protection act as you do about food justice. small favors, eh?

    and i don't like carrots...they just make good accessories.


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