"ignore the story. see the soul. remember to love. you will never regret it" --- Seane Corn

"ignore the story. see the soul. remember to love. you will never regret it" --- Seane Corn
it's a jungle out there

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sundays In My City

Unknown Mami

it's sunny in San Francisco

I bet most of us need a little
sunshine on our shoulders today

it's just too damn cold and snowy

I'm already longing for spring

this is what Sundays look like in my backyard
in June and July

the seed catalogues are starting to arrive
I can feel the sun on my shoulders
and the dirt in my hands

the days are getting longer


  1. Yes. The chickens go to be a few minutes later each day. A concrete and powerful reminder that despite the cold and the short days, the warmth and long days will be coming back soon.
    Your yard is beautiful, dear. Just beautiful. It is waiting to be beautiful again.

  2. Oh boy I really needed a dose of sunshine and flowers! beautiful photos.Thank you for posting those:)

    Have a wonderful week!!!

  3. Your backyard is amazing....I love the snow but long to feel the sun. Have a wonderful Sunday!

  4. the days are getting longer indeed - I observed the day reverently that the earth tilted in our favor.
    Spring - where are you?

  5. Oh. My. Your backyard is a dream. It's GORGEOUS. Spectacular pics!

  6. Oh my. I love, love, love your summer. What pretty skies. And the flowers are full of lovely color! LOVE it! Man I miss it!

  7. Beautiful, beautiful! I envy your garden!

    Swing by my place Monday- I've got a little something for you!

  8. Wow, I really needed to see sunshine and pretty posies! We left before sunrise for a volleyball tourney, watching the outdoor temp dip to 15 below, and sat in a cold, drafty warehouse full of volleyball nets for 8 hours, my feet feel like ice chunks, so thank you, thank you, thank you!

  9. The second photo down......white and purpleish, what are those? Those were growing in the back yard of our new house when we moved in but there were TONS of bees in them....and with the kids I was afraid of one of them getting stung so had Kevin use the weedeater to chop them all down. They are BEAUTIFUL........but, I just didn't want to worry about the kids getting stung.

    I want to dig up that area (it's about 10feet by 3 feet) and plant a vegetable garden.......I can't wait to get out there and plant some sugar snap peas, green beans, and grape tomatoes!!!

  10. Such glorious flowers, Michelle. The colours are so bright and vibrant. I have a small courtyard off my apartment and so there is not much dirt to grow as much as you have here. You seem to have such beautiful nooks and crannies. And not much snow like the other places in North American seem to have at the moment. Here in Australia we do not get much snow at all.

    Thank you and take care.

  11. Oh, I needed some sunshine and flowers today... thanks!

  12. Thanks Michelle, I needed that! Your yard is gorgeous and makes me want to start planning changes in mine! The colors are wonderful!

    Thanks for sharing your Sunday.

  13. Those pictures were exactly what I was needing. Thank you.

  14. you have an open invite here, where the sun alway shines!
    I have to say that I miss the cold and changing seasons...BUT....this weekend the kids went to lake Arrowhead to play in the SNOW for the first time, and packing four kids for COLD weather is a pain in the ass!!! Throwing a towel some sunblock and flip flops in a straw bag is WAAAAYYYYYYY easier!!!

  15. Oh baby, your sparkin' my OCFD (obsessive compulsive flower disorder) and it's too darn cold here on the Ozarks Ponderosa to even think of my acre of gardens. It was -10 here Sunday morn'. We loaded cattle out this morning at twelve degrees! Burrrrr.

    Your flowers are just breathtakingly beautiful! I'm so glad I popped over to enjoy them. Ya'll have a wonderfully blessed day!!!

  16. I DID need this, you lovely woman, you. Thanks!!

  17. These pics made me smile. I needed that. Thanks.


  18. Hi There. My Name is Ria . I am a british girl living in America. I'm new to blogging, created my first blog for this year.. and just signed up to sundays in my city.
    Feel free to check out my blog each sunday if you wish.
    Your pics from 10 jan are amazing. i love the first one with the flowers and arch. I am a photographer and I also like to take pics of flowers. I plan to set up a photography blog at some point-- but for now i just have my ordinary girl
    Fantastic Pictures.. so nice to see all these other towns and cities and how people live :)

  19. Breathtaking!!!!! I'm sitting here, looking at dead, yellow grass and old snow...I like your view better!


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